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Tensions in Canada

Étude de cas : Tensions in Canada. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Intercultural relations have always created some kind of tension between different ethnics in Canada. Whether because of one’s mother tongue or the other’s religion, we constantly base our opinions on something we do not control. Although these have been present in daily actions from the start, we do not persistently notice them. For instance, the stereotype of aboriginals is illustrated in the story The Loons when they describe Piquette Tonnerre. Not only does the author refer to her schooling, but also to her physical attributes. “She had failed several grades, perhaps because her attendance had always seen sporadic and her interest in school-work negligible” (p144). He also refers to her with a “face which seemed unfamiliar with laughter” (p143) and “her coarse voice” (p144), characteristics that we still often hear for Natives. As for Labrie’s Wife two versions of the Indians are described. One being self-centered and realizing only at the end how emotions may take over one’s actions. As for the youngest one, he follows his heart and falls for a French woman even though this does not typically happen. Throughout the entire story, Archibald Muîr continually perceives the French as a threat. He perceives them as always bringing something unwanted and is persuaded that they are there to take their land. Within Labire’s wife, when they are gone, he says to Alec “It is a good riddance of a vile lot of thieves out of God’s country.”(p.130)

In my opinion, both of the stories do not contradict the stereotypes given that we perceive both the French and the Aboriginals in the eyes of the other. We notice to what extent, the stereotypes that we have created in our mind have been similar to the ones from way back while the French/English settlement throughout Canada. Not only does it give us the opportunity to challenge our proper perception, but also to build a new one within those few minutes of reading. Effectively, both of the stories demonstrate stereotypes at work. For instance, the lack of education, in the case of Piquette Tonnerre (The loons), which is still a problem today because of so many years of non-accessibility. The effects are noticeable in several fields of our society nowadays, whether degrees of education, job hierarchy, etc. Aboriginals have been living this ongoing societal discrimination because of what occurred hundreds of years ago. As for the French, we comprehend quickly on how their settlement is only temporary. In the short story Labrie’s wife, as soon as they have the information that they want, the French continue their quest to obtain whatever they were in search of. Very often we have been told that during the settlement


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