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Life in the roaring 1920's

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Documentary « Life in the roaring 1920’s »

This documentary was done by the channel of Youtube “documentary tube”. It was posted on April 14th 2014.

End of the first World War

The World Wars ends the 11th of November 1918. Two million American soldiers came back home. They leave the America with a president, Woodrow Wilson, who encourages his soldier to fight for the democracy.

The first World War was the bloodiest war in the history. It cost hundreds of billions of dollars. The war has caused eight million deaths.

The United States of America is now a nation who has experience to the war.

League of nations

The United States of America refuses membership in the League of Nations. They prefer to follow is own way.

The Prohibition

The government prohibit the alcohol. With this interdiction the people continue to drink alcohol. So, a new law arrives it’s the Volstead. This law consists of settings fines and punishment for the person who are preview with alcohol.

The workers fight

In America some people became very rich with the war and some people haven’t job.

The working men go to the war.

A wave of strike appears after the war. They wanted a reduction in the 12 hours day.

The police can’t support their families with $21 per week.

The police strike for higher wages and they want to join a union.
With the police on the strike the hoodlum can loot the city.

The Governor Calvin Coolidge thinks it can’t have strike. He fired the strikers who be in the national guard. After he hires new police forces.

The strike end in three days.

The unions

The unions are organizations who wants to defend their entitlements to the work.

Russian revolution and its effects abroad

The revolution of the America is similar than the Russian revolution. The European nation were danger of a revolution.

There’s two small communist parties in America. There are not a lot of communist but the people remember how a handful of Bolsheviks have destroy the government of Russia. A bomb explodes in a wagon. It causes 30 deaths 100 hurt. Nobody knows who made the bomb but a lot of American thinks it’s the work of radicals. General Palmer who thinks the radicals do the bomb arrests 500 radicals. The government wants to deport them.

Ku Klux Klan and racism

A year after the Armistice the people is afraid that the nation will be overturned by the extremists. If the police can’t defend the public other organization will defend the people. This organization is the Ku Klux Klan. They begin to have supporters.

They walk on the street with mask figure. There is race riots in cities. A lot of people became anti-jewish, anti-catholic and anti-negro. The people fear that the European and Asian immigrate to the United States to escape the suffering of the great war.

Harsh lows became to keep immigrants away.

The return to « normalcy » 

The republican senator Warren Harding is the republican president with his thinking to back to normalcy. He wants to be liked. With Harding president, the America enter to the age of normalcy. For him the normalcy is the happiness.


The pictures surprise me with their oldest. They are taking almost 100 years ago. They are some violent picture. We can see how the people have suffered. There is caricature who show us how the life was.


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