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Th UK joins Europe

Dissertation : Th UK joins Europe. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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B-The United Kingdom joins Europe

 After several requests refused by France, he ends up integrating Europe in 1973 at the same time as Denmark and Ireland. In fact, the six countries which France voted on when it had refused twice before. The proximity of Prime Minister Edward Heath with Georges Pompidou, President of the French Republic will greatly help the United Kingdom to be accepted. Georges Pompidou didn’t agree with De Gaulle position’s on the united kingdom.

In 1975, British people approve integration by referendum and Harold Wilson was prime minister at that time. But we see that the labor party unlike the conservative party was against this entry.

Germany in contrast to France sees it as a special interest since it considers it a means of obtaining increased opportunities for its industrial products

The country's commitment to Europe will remain partial because it will have special conditions (such as opting out clauses for example), and above all many European policy decisions:

  • No zone euro
  • No Schengen area
  • Negotiation of its share in the European budget

The reasons are much more economical than political because The United Kingdom has a global weakness and no doesn’t’ play an important role as before.

There is a loosening of its ties with the Commonwealth and the United States. It also has problems with AELE. Many countries colonized by the United Kingdom will take their independence over the years.

From 1997 to 2007, Tony Blair's government is present as a "Europhile " but a different type of French. It does not militate in its country in favour of the euro or the Schengen agreements and is convinced that Europe must be a large economic market and not a political and military power, thus supporting all the candidatures of the countries of the East.

Indeed, he wanted Britain to be at the heart of Europe. He did not dare, when he could, organize the referendum he had promised on Britain's accession to the euro, the single currency. With the referendum, it is a new opportunity for him to show both to the British, but also to his European partners, that he was willing to take great risks to help them and to make a European cause triumph, in this case the Constitution.

In 1992, the United Kingdom signed the Maastricht Treaty as all the others, but it would benefit from certain provisions of the Treaty.

All this shows us that the United Kingdom has certain singularities which will complicate its place within Europe over the years


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