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La cuisine italienne - en anglais

Dissertation : La cuisine italienne - en anglais. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Everybody has already heard of Italian food? It is known and enjoyed everywhere in the world, an exquisite blend of color, perfume and flavor made with natural products.

The symbol of Italian food is obviously pastas. We can’t speak on Italian food without mentioning pastas. We find all kinds of pastas such as: tortellini, penne, spaghetti, gnocchi, but they can’t to be served without an accompaniment, for example: pasta carbonara, pasta Bolognese, pasta pesto, etc…

Italian gastronomy

The Italian food has got a label in the global wine landscape. Italian wine tasting is an exquisite experience which demonstrates the taste of Italians in matters of wine.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is very close to « Mediterranean Diet ». It is considered as one of the richest food. It reflects the typical Italian style and different cultures existing through the Italian history. Very dietetic, scientist think that Italian food reduces the risk of heart desease by 15 percent. The Italian gastronomy holds a remarkable place in the world of culinary art.

The desert

Desert time is the moment the most awaited in Italy: delicious recipes that bring an originality note: fruits, pastry, ice cream…


You should know that each region had his own specialty but it has spread in all Italy up to exceed borders of Italy, for example:

- In Naples, “Neapolitan food” is known to be one of the best in Italy. Greedy nature, Neapolitans knew best on a tasty and generous food, made from simple products but which satisfied roofs the most demanding. Their pizzas are known all over the world.

- In Bologna, the famous Bolognese, often eaten with pastas.

- In parm, the celebrated parmesan, a delicious cheese that accompanies lots of Italian meals. But there is also the ham of Parm which is very famous.

- In Venice, “Venetian food” is reputed for its seafood.

And plenty of other


The Italian coffee is reputed for its taste and for the different texture that it can take. It is also know under the name of espresso, it is made from a mixture of coffee grain, often coming from Brazil. An ideal false communal is that the espresso has got more caffeine than the coffee.


Vineyards produce wines of very high quality. To promote this approach, the Italian Government implemented the “Denominazione di origine controllata “low of 1963 made to regulate the place of origin, the quality, the method of production and the type of grapes. The designation “Indicazione Geografica Tipica “is an appellation less restrictive for a diploma of manufacturing of wine at level DOC. In 1980, the government created the (DOCG), reserved only to the best wines.


The polenta is a corn flour, originally from the north of Italy, appears in the form of wafer or bolded made of semolina or corn flour. The polenta known in other name as in Languedoc under the name of milhas, or yet in Reunion


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