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Corrigé Devoir Anglais Bts Esf 1ere Année: étude de l'article "Should we all become vegetarians?"

Dissertations Gratuits : Corrigé Devoir Anglais Bts Esf 1ere Année: étude de l'article "Should we all become vegetarians?". Recherche parmi 293 000+ dissertations

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1. Present this document (its nature, the title, its origin and its composition).

2. Can you translate the title of this document?

3. Sum up the introduction in your own words.

4. Explain the last sentence of the text.

5. Show that the journalist is “present” in the article.


1. This document is entitled, “Should We All Become Vegetarians?” It was taken from Time, and published

on October 14, 2002. It was written by R. Corliss. This is an article divided into (composed of) fi ve parts.

2. Devrions-nous tous devenir végétariens?

3. There are more and more vegetarians in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

4. The last sentence of the text is a question. The reader is asked if he or she is ready to eat tofu,

tofu being food eaten by vegetarians to replace meat. In fact, the journalist asks the reader if he or she

feels like becoming a vegetarian.

“To feel like” + V-ing means avoir envie de…

5. We can fi nd some words proving that the journalist is sometimes “present” in this article. For example,

we can read “of course” (line 18) and the question at the end of the article (line 83).

2. The following sentences sum up each part of the article. Put them in the right order

by numbering them from 1 to 5. 3 points (1 point en moins pour chaque erreur)

It is important to eat vegetables. Number: 2

Many teenagers become vegetarians. Number: 3

Vegetarianism is a growing trend (tendance). Number: 1

One day, we may all be vegetarians. Number: 5

Some vegetarians have become activists. Number: 4

3. Find the equivalents of the following words in the text. 6 points

1. légumes (§1) vegetables (line 4)

2. abandonner (§1) to give up (line 17)

3. en moyenne (§2) on average (line 25)

4. le poids (§3) weight (line 42)

5. abeilles (§4) bees (line 53)

6. un moment (§5) a while (line 74)

4. True or false? Justify by quoting from the text. 4 points

1. There is an increase in vegetarianism in the United Kingdom. True  False 

“and last year the UK was home to million vegetarians, or 5,7% of the population up from 2,6% in 1985.”

(lines 6 - 9)

2. Vegetarians have a healthier diet than others. True  False 



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