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Avantages et pièges des réseaux sociaux.

Dissertations Gratuits : Avantages et pièges des réseaux sociaux.. Recherche parmi 289 000+ dissertations

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Advantages and pitfalls of social networking sites

The topic of today’s presentation is about the social networking sites.

The objective of this presentation is to present the advantages and the pitfalls of the social networking sites.

What is social networking?

Social networking sites are an exciting, new phenomenon in the Age of Communication. They provide a place to connect, reconnect, chat, share pictures, tell stories and generally let others know who you are and what you’re about.

• Social network service : software focused on the building and verifying of online social networks for a predefined purpose.

• Over 300 known social networking web sites as of 2005.

• groups based on affinities and expertise.

• social networks take many forms, and are created for many reasons

Profiles – Each member in a network has an online profile that serves as the individual’s identity in the network.

Connections – Online social networks typically enable individuals to make connections with others in the network.

• Profiles / Connections

Why to use these new social networks?

• 78% to meet people

• 47% Find entertainment

• 38% Learn something new

• 23% Influence others

Social networking sites allow you to express yourself and keep in touch with friends by exchanging messages or comments and posting personal profiles describing who you are and your interests, blogs or online diaries, photos, creative writing, artwork, videos, and music.

• Express yourself

• Exchanging :

• Messages

• Comments

• Posting personal profiles

• Examples

The dangers of social networking sites

The dangers of social networking sites is giving away information to strangers and possibly coming into contact with those people. You can be attacked through one of those methods by putting information out and eventually having someone learn your whereabouts, where you live, where you bank, and where you go to school. If you get enough information about a person, it makes it a lot easier to harm them. So the main harm to social networking sites is what information you make available to other people. So that's the thing you really need to control. If somebody doesn't know who you really are, where you live, or how to get in contact with you; it's not going to be possible for them to physically harm you.

• Giving information to strangers.

• Possibility coming into contact with those people.

Important issues

• Child protection

• Identity theft

• Elimination of privaty

Child protection

• 61%


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