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Understanding Visitor Behaviour

Thèse : Understanding Visitor Behaviour. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Level 9 - BL 5046 - Understanding Visitor Behaviour

Assignment 1

Write a Critical and Evaluative account of a Visitor Attraction/Resort/Retail business and associated visitor/customer Behaviour.  

To be presented in report format

  • Identify a Visitor Attraction/Resort/retail business of your choice
  • Analyse and evaluate the differences in participation patterns of the visitors/customers in relation to leisure, hospitality and tourism opportunities and expectations
  • Critically evaluate the visitor typologies, in relation to demographics, social, culture, and ethnic groups etc for the visitor attraction/resort you have chosen

Weighting: This assignment is weighted at 80% of the module mark.

Word Allocation: 3,000 words (+/- 10%)  

Deadline: Midnight Monday 31st October 2016

Late submission may incur penalties in accordance with UHI Academic Standards and Quality Regulations 20116-17


  • You must use a standard academic submission form as the first page of your paper.
  • The overall question should be written in report style (introduction/ conclusion must be included).
  • The total word allocation for this paper is 3000 words (+/- 10%). Each section is equally important so you should allocate the words accordingly.

A combined references list should be provided at the end of the completed report. All sources of information contained within the essay must be referenced using the Harvard method – see UHI Referencing Guide -

  • This is a third level assignment  please take care not simply to review the work covered in class but to discuss the different sociological and psychology theories including the views and perspectives of different authors. You must use a range of appropriate sources. To answer this question successfully, a wide knowledge is required and depth and breadth of reading is crucial.

  • Identify and consider a visitor attraction/resort/activity centre present a rationale for your choice. 
  • Give evidence of reading  a minimum of 10 academic sources
  • Submission must be made using Turnitin in Blackboard. No alternative submission method is acceptable. If you are unable to upload your assessment you may email me your work to me also CC you P.A.T. into the email
  • Standard style should be used. Please refer to the style sheet provided at induction or in your handbook for full details.
  • 1.5 line space
  • Font – Arial
  • Font size – 16 for title, 12 for text.
  • Font Colour – Black
  • Do not identify your work by name: use student identifier number only

Please e-mail your tutors to discuss your choice of attractions and engage in discussion on the VLE about the assessment.


For each attraction


  • Introduction to the establishment and reason for choice

  • Analyse and evaluate


  • Investigate and assess the differences in participation patterns of the chosen establishment in relation to the leisure, hospitality and tourism opportunities for the customer and their expectations while visiting the establishment.

  • Critically assess the different types of visitor to the establishment discussing the various demographics, social culture and ethnic groups

  • Show an understanding of the topic discussed. Presenting both breadth and depth of understanding.  When discussing the above demonstrate the breadth of research you have carried out by the use of a variety of reference materials, also linking the theories to your discussion.


  • Including evidence based recommendations  


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