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ENGIE case study

Chronologie : ENGIE case study. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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The Emirates wanted to increase the number of local employees in the country's economy and put in place laws with quotas. What are the challenges of this law and how can a company like ENGIE, a global energy player with a strong presence in the Emirates, meet them by maintaining a profitable business model? 

Second question: 

ENGIE is a global energy player that changed its strategy in 2019 to become the leader in the zero carbon energy transition. How can ENGIE, which is very present in the emirates, align itself with this new strategy in a country that emits a lot of CO2 and how can it reconcile probability and low carbon for an energy specialist? 

Should Engie do x or y in order to (link to course concept)

Should Engie change he’s leadership style or business plan in order to increase the number of local employees in the UAE.

Should Engie change their recruitment and selection techniques in order to attract more Emarati employees

How can they change recruitment and selection - the x or y

Organizational culture change - two options

Tools to use:

-decision tree

fishborn diagram

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