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Porsche case study

Étude de cas : Porsche case study. Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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Diversification is not the solution for Porsche. This has already been done, and for a long time, they made glasses, phones, all these things since November 2003.

Second, diversification is no longer a solution. We can see that the market is closed, all car manufacturers are already diversified.

_ Hummer makes phones.

_ Example : Mistsubishi has BANK (Japan's largest bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Mitsubishi Motors is the 6th Japanese automaker)

Mitsubishi Atomic Industry deals with the production of nuclear energy.

Mitsubishi Chemical is the first Japanese chemical company.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, founded in 1921, manufactures components and electrical and electronic equipment.

Recommended :

1st opportunity : Traditionally we used to see Porsche roadsters (like Carrera, Cayman, Boxter) and nowadays they began to produce 4 / 4 model, most recently in 2009, with the new luxury one : " Panamera "

2nd opportunity : Porshe should redefine a market, a category of buyers, and do as APPLE, create a product that revolutionised but not too much to keep it coveted

3rd opportunity: Establish a kind of « after sales service » and monitoring of its consumers as Apple has also made.

4th opportunity: Put more emphasis on the next design.

_ Porsche can also create a subsidiary to be called "Porsche-ECO" for example, because in any case the environment is a real topic.

Porsche has a bad reputation among environmentalists, and they must work on their image.

Moreover, today being a "eco-friendly company" is priceless.

To me it is the most important aspect of a marketing standpoint.

To conclude, Porsche should move towards the creation of a new range of product design in harmony with the environment.

We all know that the high class intend to adopt environmentally responsible behavior without actually depriving themselves of some pleasure.


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