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Car Transform Racing – Complete Project

Cours : Car Transform Racing – Complete Project. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Car Transform Racing – Complete Project

  1. This source code include:
  1. Complete game source code
  2. 40 tested levels
  3. Google Admob
  4. Onesignal for online push notification, more about onesignal in here
  5. All game assets include all images and sounds
  6. All fbx files
  7. All animation files, texture, shaders

  1. How to run the game:
  1. This game made with unity 5.5.0p4, so use this version of unity to open Scene/UIScene  and press play.

  1. How to edit the code:
  1. All code files in folder Scripts, edit them if you want to make some change of this game.
  1. All model store in folder NewModel
  1. This game include some custom shader, they are in folder Shader and Shaders.
  1. How to update audio and sound files: all of them are in folder Audio, overwrite them if you want to use your own audio.
  1. How to update images: All images of this game stored in folder Image, overwrite it before submit to google play.

  1. How to setup Google Admob:
  1. Goto  to create your own ads
  2. When done, open the file Assets\PluginsFiles\AndroidPackage\ DefineForEachProject.cs  and update your ad id for android & ios in variable adUnitId 

[pic 1]


  1. How to setup Onesignal:
  1. Goto  to create your app ( if you don’t have account, create the new one )
  2. After complete setup onesignal, open file Assets\Plugins\Android\OneSignalConfig\AndroidManifest.xml , update all  to your game package name

[pic 2]

  1. How to setup IAP:
  1. There is 16 iap package right now, change the package name to suitable with your store, for this, change the packagePrefix variable in PayBuildPayManage.cs.

[pic 3]

  1. If your packagePrefix is , you must create 16 pacakge iap in store:  
  3. …..

  1. For the price of iap package, open the file Assets\Resources\Data\PayData.csv , the cost column is USD of iap package

[pic 4]

  1. If you have any question, please post on


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