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Windows on West Bank

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This work of art is called Window on West Bank

West Bank is a region in Israel. Its graffiti of a living room with 2 sofa's with a window in the middle with the view of the mountains. How does the artist use this work to give hope to the Palestinians?

This work is part of the nine images he painted on the Palestinian side on the separation wall in August 2005 to show his indignation.

This wall serves as a barrier to protect the Israeli population by preventing any intrusion of Palestinian terrorists into their territory. Palestinians dispute this on its political, humanitarian and legal aspects. The Palestinian cities are surrounded by this wall of 730 km, locked up, almost no communication is possible with the outside world. Palestinians dream of freedom, to escape but the more time passes, the more the hope diminishes. When he painted this work, a dozen soldiers pointed their rifles at branksy and his team, checking regularly what they were painting.

The way banksy is representing the living room is in a very 'cartoonish' way, not much detail is put in to it. On the other hand, the view of the outside world seen from the window is almost too perfect and represented in such a real way to be fake. I think this was made on purpuse since the contrast between the living room and the outside world is very different because on one side we have a living room in black and white then we have a window that almost looks like real window overlooking the view of the mountains That being said, since he chose to create this work on the Palestinian wall that devides two countries, I think hes trying to send a message to the people behind the wall to just hang on and that theres a better world waiting oustide the walls.


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