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60 solutions against climat change

Étude de cas : 60 solutions against climat change. Recherche parmi 258 000+ dissertations

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#60 solutions is a exhibition of  the french agency of development for which they have colaborated with Yann Arthhus-Bertrand and the Foundation GoodPlanet.

Through 21 photos from the book "60 solutions against the climate change", this exhibition proposes concrete solutions in the fight against climate change and in favor of a model carbon growth.

Collaborator on the agenda of solutions, launched by the United Nations for the success of the negotiations of the COP21, FDA presents this exhibition in the 70 countries where it operates. The latter therefore toured the world throughout the year 2015, a special year in which all countries must join together to fight against climate change in order to achieve an international agreement in Paris in December 2015.

Now we are going to present three of the 60 solutions proposed throughout this exhibition.


[pic 1]

This photo is a landscape of Middelgrunden offshore wind farm, Denmark, where the wind turbines supply about a third of the electricity in Denmark.

We have chosen this photography because the colours they used are attractive and we can see a real organization throughout the photography. The blue and white are peaceful colours as well as they are colours of the purity which reminds us of a clean production of energy which doesn’t pollutes the environment.

Wind turbines are a perfect example of ecological energy. Thanks to the technical progress they can produce more energy. Indeed they can produce energy without consuming any exhaustible sources.

For example in Ethiopia, only half of the people have access to electricity. Therefore the government decided to invest in renewable energy in its development program. Their efforts have been successful, in fact those turbines produce 400millions de kWh a year.


[pic 2]

Pink trumpet tree on kaw mountain, Guyana. Every year 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed worldwide due to deforestation, the equivalent of a football pitch every two seconds.

We have chosen this photography because the subject is interesting as well as the choice of the natural presentation and also because of the beauty of the pink tree between the others.

The organisations had the idea to pay for not cutting down the trees. This strategy outlined in the United Nations framework convention on climate change is called REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation).

Deforestation is one of the principal causes of greenhouse gaz emissions which are evitable. At the end of 2012, REDD programs coordinated by the United Nations involved 46 countries and funds of $117 million.


[pic 3]

Young girls carrying buckets in the Dogon region, near Bandiagara, Mali. In Africa’s dry season, women and girls often travel 7 miles (10 kilometers) on foot to collect water for household use.

We have chosen this photography because we think that the water problems cause major questions and we want to contribute to the water access worldwide and think that everyone can have an important role in it.


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