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Uncle Sam against the terror

Résumé : Uncle Sam against the terror. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Uncle Sam against the terror

Since the 9/11, after the fall of the twins tower which strikes out of the map by two hijacked planes, a war is officially declared between the great nation of United States of America, and the terrorism. This fight is led by weapons and guns, but it is also a psychologic war. Because of the lot of deaths that this battle caused, the mentality have changed in America, and it touched everybody. But how can the America and her devastated people resist to the terror and rise from their ashes ? We could answer to it with an extract of “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (document 3) and with “Day’s End” (document 1). We will use too the “Wrestling with America’s post – 9/11 traumas” (document 2).

The traumatism caused by the attack of the 9/11 spared nobody. Even the children was affected. They was not physically touched, but psychologically. We can see in the document 3, a nine years old child talk to his mother. The women lost her husband during the tragedy. The little boy hardly talk about the death of his dad, and he can’t understand why all the people need to have an object like a tombstone or an urn to remember the deceased. To him, it is not necessary to have this to not forget his father. He explained to his mom that principally, the memory of his father is in the head, by thinking about him and not forget him. The commemoration of the dead people is the most use way to fight again the sentiment of losing. To be psychologically weak is not the reason, everybody react differently against the death. It can be terrifying to considerate the fact of living without someone, and the terror caused by this demise is the goal of the terrorism. So, to resist against that, the American people need to never forget their victims. Americans have created tree days to mark with red-letter. Those tree days have the goal to commemorate some important days, some days to never forget. During those days, the America celebrate their death, but most importantly, they show to the terrorism that they are still standing and not afraid.

But commemoration don’t allow to everybody to support the terror. They need another thing and, what they need is a national felling of support.

Like the document 2 say, the border separating the private sphere from the public one has been blurred, and it became harder to disconnect his own feelings from those of the whole nation. To see that other people feel the same felling as you, can have the effect to reassure you. And it’s another way to defend himself against the terror.

Those two ways of fighting against the terror show how the American people are resistant. They don’t want to let the terrorists win this fight and without weapons, they stay strong.


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