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Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

We are going to present you our project for a new school.

We chose to create a private high school which is aimed at welcoming both very bad and very good students. We will also welcome disabled students in a spirit of equity. Our motto is “An ecological school which gives one’s chance to everybody”.

For many reasons, this high school won’t be traditional.

First, this school will be composed of 7 buildings and 3 floors surrounded by a forest. There will be a lake 100 meters away from it with a beach.

To build it, new ecological and recycled material will be used to respect the environment (such as wood, glass, steel) and it won’t prevent it from being equipped with new technology (computers, laptop, helmets, tablets, audio helmets, etc…)

Our future school will have the following facilities: a stadium, a yoga room, a library, an amphitheatre, a cafeteria, 2working rooms,2 laboratories,2playgrounds, 2gardens,3 drinking fountains, a game room,2 recording studios, a dance studio, an auditorium, a car park and a game room.

Second, this school will adopt new rules:

-The students won’t start before 10h30 am and will finish class no later than 5:30 pm

-Every week, a class will choose the menu at the canteen.

Disabled students will have elevators at their disposal.

Students will have an idea box in which they will put their projects. The best 10 projects will be chosen for the year to come.

A corrective machine will be available for the teachers who feel too tired.

At the beginning of the year, every good student will sponsor a bad student.

If a student in difficulty increases one’s grades, depending on the points he will accumulate he will win: clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc…

Every year, fundraising will occur to help children in need.

Every three months, a multi-category competition will take place for the best progression in school subjects.

We will create a BIO vegetable garden.

Each year, we will propose 5 destinations selected by the students. These trips will be proposed to any student. For people who can’t afford to take part to the trip, we will offer them a free trip he or she will choose among five.

In order to celebrate the end of the academic year, there will be a prom organized by the students.

In the morning, for students or teachers who haven’t eaten before going to school, we will offer them a breakfast.

It is strictly forbidden to punish students but in view of repetive bad results or of a bad behaviour, the students will be forced to leave the school.

To conclude, the important point of this high school is that it gives everyone a chance. This place will also be created to integrate students with disabilities. This


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