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Vocabulaire Anglais immigration

TD : Vocabulaire Anglais immigration. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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  • May I help you?
  • Thank you very much young man!
  • Are you looking for something in particular?
  • I'm not sure you'd have the right skills to help me with this.
  • Welle maybe I could lead you to... ¡Dios mío! You're searching for a nurse?
  • What did you just say?
  • You're searching for a nurse, right? I am one myself!
  • No, I mean before that.
  • Right, “¡dios mío!”; it's a saying from my natiive country, it means “my goodness”.
  • Hm, and where are you from?        
  • I was born in Colombia, I grew up and graduated there too.
  • Oh, so you're passing by for tourism? What happened to you so that you had to come to the hospital? You don't seem hurt.
  • Lucky me I'm not! I'm seeking employment in a hospital. Unfortunately, until now, all the doors have been closed.
  • I must apologize, but there is something bothering me right now. I thought you were a tourist!
  • I ain't ma'am. I'm from Colombia, but I'm here to work.
  • Why would you work in a country that isn't yours?
  • I'm yearning to find a job which could meet the needs of my family.
  • Then I'm asking you again, why wouldn't you be able to accomplish that in your own country?
  • To be honest, I've been fired from the hospital where I wasworking beacause I helped a surgeon to abort a woman who had been raped. However, that's illegal in Colombia.
  • I've read something once about that in the newspaper, the three circumstances under which abortion in Colombia is legal are if the pregnancy is dangerous for the mother, if the baby is surely gonna die during childbirth, or finally in case of a rape. Isn't the third circumstance considered legal? I don't understand why this woman's situation has been classified illegal, then.
  • I' impressed by your knowledge on this subject. However, this law is so out of touch with the realioty. Indeed, it's legally required to have evidence of a rape, which in general can never be proved.
  • So why didn't you find a job in an other hospital in your country?
  • The fact is, my supervisors have spread the word that the surgeon and I supported this, as they call her “unlawful woman”. That's why nowadays, it's impossible for me to find a job in Colombia.
  • Therefore you decided to come here, didn't you? But why the US and not another hispanic country?
  • You see, besides the fact that the US is taught to be a discriminative country, I deeply believe that it's full of opportunities for guest workers like me.
  • Let me be clear, I know a few things about abortion because we've been talking about it much since they legalized it. Nevertheless, immigration is kind of a taboo here in the US, despite its worldwide roots. That's why I need to ask you if it's possible for you... I mean as an undocumented migrant, to find a job and to work here legally?
  • I do agree with you, American citizens are not educated enough about this topic. In brief, it's obviously a possibility for migrant workers to be hired under the table, but it often makes them vulnerable to unscruoulous buisnesses who pay them less than the minimum wage or violate worker safety rules.
  • And I guess you're avoiding those issues applying for a job in a public institution such as this hospital?
  • That's right but it didn't work as I had hoped and I only have thirty dollars left to survive.
  • Just out of curiosity, are you qualified as a nurse?
  • I certainly am ma'am, I gratuated and am one of the best my class.
  • Can we compare Colombian and American university qualifications?
  • In this branch of business there is a one-to-one equvalence between our countries.
  • And do you have any experience, are you really a skilled nurse?
  • I truly hope so ma'am, this has been my livelihood for eight years and it's my dream job since I was twelve.
  • You know what? Your story moved me and I want to give you a try. Would you be interested in taking care of my dear husband for a while? He is getting older and weak and I need someone to ease his pain.
  • I would be pleased to, I'm really grateful for the attention you are paying to my situation and to the others immigrants. I will study your husband's file and elp him to overcome his grief.
  • Should we grab a coffee? Meanwhile we could discuss my expectations for you.
  • ¡Vamos!


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