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Should college athletes be paid ?

Dissertation : Should college athletes be paid ?. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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   College athletes pass a long time on the field representing their schools and make it wins. However they do not receive any compensations , like their studies paid, from the schools.Some may disagree and say it is unfair for students that attend university but that are not athletes to pay students athletes. Nevertheless colleges athletes train and and pass on the field the same amount of time as pros do and deserve to be paid as pros as because college atheists are worth a lot of money for college and many of them struggle to pay their bills.

   We all understand that paying only student athletes can be unfair for the other student. Indeed playing sport at university is only a pastime, an opportunity, it is not a job. But for many of student athletes this pastime cost so much from the equipment, to medical fees,

that student athletes have bills that they cannot pay but that they could be if they had help from the NCAA. Even Alex Padilla, a Los Angeles Democrat that student athletes are « saddled with medical bills they cannot afford. ». Despite, we could say that college athletes are already paid with their education. However, at least college athletes should have a compensation because university use their image image as ads for the university during matches on TV. It is the athletes right to ask for any compensation, it is their right to the image.

   Yet, college athletes deserve to be paid as pro are because college athletes are worth a lot of money for universities. Actually, according to Mrs. McCormick from Michigan State University, college athletes pass the 3 test of the Common Law that says that they are employee of the university so they have the right to be paid. In addition college athletes are worth a lot of money for universities consequently this year « College football and men’s basketball have become such huge commercial enterprises that together they generate more than $6 billion in annual revenue, more than the National Basketball Association » said Joe Nocera in The Times. This $6 billion could be shared between universities, college athletes and the NCAA.


   College athletics have become a gold mine in recent years. While the schools and NCAA are bringing in increased revenue, the people generating it - the players - aren't seeing any of it. These players have the right to seek compensation for their work. If they are not going to get a set salary, they should be able to endorse themselves using their new found fame


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