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Lettre de motivation erasmus

Rapport de stage : Lettre de motivation erasmus. Recherche parmi 233 000+ dissertations

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Subject: Application for a year at the University of Edinburgh, Erasmus programme.


Following my interview with Mr **** , an English teacher, I decided to spend a few months abroad. Currently a student in the first year of the BTS hotel and restaurant option, I would like to integrate your targeted institution in order to achieve a year through the Erasmus programme.

To prepare myself for the job of chef, staying abroad is a real stepping stone. Thanks to the Erasmus programme offered at the university, I will be able to improve my language skills and discover a culture I have been interested in for several years.

As curious as I am motivated, I will benefit personally but also professionally from this program. I also see this stay in a foreign university as an essential stage of my graduate studies and a major asset in the construction of my professional project.

I remain at your disposal for any further request or to arrange an appointment.

In thanking you for your attention to my candidacy, I ask you to accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my distinguished sentiments.



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