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In Britain, many equipment in surveillance technology are used

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In Britain, many equipment in surveillance technology are used. For example, in Merseyside, the spy drone is used to watch the population. According to the local police, it’s an effective technique to catch criminals. Another surveillance technology is the onboard camera. This method enables the police officers to film people around them and to transmit the information as it happens.

The main surveillance technique is the CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. In fact, 4.2 million CCTV cameras are installed in Britain. In London, British people are filmed hundreds of times a day, more precisely 300 times per day thanks to this system.  The latter, consists in observing people in the streets: there is 1 camera for 14 people.

In Middlesbrough, there are seven cameras equipped with loudspeakers which can keep an eye on the pedestrians and tell them off. It enables to tell cyclists to dismount, smokers to pick up their butts. This system has helped to break 7nighttime brawls in one month’s time. The mayor of the city is very proud of his choice. About him, this system allows to make the streets a secure place.

The officials’ advises are very different, some think that it’s a good thing to install these CCTV cameras, about them, 678 offenders were arrested. Else thinks that Britain is becoming a surveillance society and that spending £500 million for the installation of the CCTV cameras in the public places isn’t the good solution. About them, more policemen are needed in the streets.

The citizens think the mayor is crossing the line, they are afraid of being watched and controlled permanently. They are also afraid for the future of their country.

John Cooper, The Times, Monday, January 30,2017

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