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IDEA OF PROGRESS - India's modernity and limitations of this progress

Dissertation : IDEA OF PROGRESS - India's modernity and limitations of this progress. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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India was seen there still two decades as the quintessential example of countries called poor, that's meant difficulties and weaknesses. It now appears like a great emerging country. Some places, industries and characters embody the whole world this new India shining. But India is she really miss this era of poverty she have known? Is she à real modern country ? In the notion of idea of progress, I'm gonna talking about the modernity of this country, and limitations of this progress.

Many changes have occured in India, over last 30 years. The country is now in a process of rapid développement. This is what the document "High-tech cités" show us. In effect, it is about Sirisha who returned to India and started his own business, QuisLex, in Hyderabad, also known as Cyberabad, after working as a lawyer in manhattan.

The India of today is not the same as she left, she said. It is now

a country "on / going forward" with a changing economy through

rapid development of the high tech sector. GDP growing at an annual rate

8% for several years.

The city of Gurgaon, which builds shopping centers and hotels and is ready to host

international companies, is a good example of this evolution.

Moreover, In the text «  Changing India »,It speaks of a more psychological progress of society. The narrator came from India but he has never been to India up to now. He decided to go in India by himself to make up his own mind about the country. Before he had prejudices about it but India has changed. The farms have given way to factories, the couples can divorce, untouchables children can go to school... The main change is people's mentalities. Now they can decide for themselves. There is also, a middle class who's emerging, Indians are more hopeful about their futur. 

However, even if this hope make happy more than only one Indian, it hide the misfortune of a lot.There is another side to this sudden development: inequalities. And the first inequality in India is about gender. Indian women are not treated the same way as men, it is well known. And the text called "Another girl" explains clearly the pressure that society inflicts on women. So, the document is about à women who gives birth to a little girl. The new mom is really filled of her new baby, regardless of gender. But when the dad knew that it was à girl, He does not want it, and rejects his own child, despite the feelings of the mother. The arguments? A girl is useless and it coats to much because of the dowry. It called à géndericide

This is not a fantasy novel, just the daily lives of thousands of women in India. What is a girl in India? An object. There are forced to marry men they do not love, they are beaten, raped, and persecuted every day. they die under the men condition.

To Conclude, we can say that India is a country in conflits, which even with an impressive economic progress, sees keeping values not ​​worthy of the 21st century.


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