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How did Pizza Hut use social media to become the most popular brand among teenagers?

Étude de cas : How did Pizza Hut use social media to become the most popular brand among teenagers?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Which brand is most attractive to young people in 2013? In the list of top 100 social brands released by Headstream last week, Pizza Hut became the most popular brand among teenagers. 2,569 18-24-year-old British teenagers voted for their favorite brand from 250 brands, Pizza Hut ranked first. This ranking list reflects to a certain extent the interaction of major brands with young consumers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. As we all know, brands should set their own language style and content according to different social platforms and target audiences. Generally speaking, brands can win the favor of consumers, which means that the information they publish is very valuable to the audience, strong in entertainment, rich in information and very interesting. The target market is the brand of young people. They should also pay attention to the authenticity, timeliness, regionality and culturality of the information. This also requires the brand's social media team to carry out marketing in a more sharp and lively perspective. Obviously, Pizza Hut understands these truths, and its social media strategy has achieved remarkable results in a very short period of time. It took only one year for Facebook of British Pizza Hut, and the number of people on the "Like" homepage increased from 500,000 to 1 million. British Pizza Hut said that their Facebook got more "Like" last year than any other Pizza brand in the UK. Pizza Hut opened Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube as social networking platforms. Among them, Pizza Hut ’s Facebook and Google+ have independent accounts in different countries, and the information published will also be adjusted according to local consumers ’preferences. Pizza Hut ’s information on these social media platforms is basically the same, mostly for competition or event promotion and discount information. At the same time, Pizza Hut will also use small humor in marketing activities to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere on social media. In addition, Pizza Hut has also maximized the customer service attributes of social media. The response speed of their social media operations team is very fast. They will seize every opportunity to actively respond to fans' messages on Facebook and interact with fans. Seeing now, you may feel that Pizza Hut is no different from other brands in terms of social media marketing. So, why does Pizza Hut get the unanimous praise of young people? The author believes that the uniqueness of Pizza Hut's social media marketing is mainly reflected in the following aspects: insight into the needs of young people, good investment and like most chain fast food brands, Pizza Hut likes to publish preferential information through social media. Slightly different from other brands, many of Pizza Hut ’s offers are "shared" offers, such as "Pizza buy one get one free", "Student four-person travel card enjoy discount" "Four-person travel Shouxing free", etc., This "multi-person sharing" discount captures the youth's social and lively qualities, hoping to turn Pizza Hut into a choice for young people to dine at. At the beginning of the semester, after a short break from the holidays, there are often things that can't be said between friends, and they can't talk about the story. Pizza Hut seized this “party gathering intensive period” and specially prepared “buy one get one free” and “upload photos to win prizes” activities for students to actively compete for the student market. Tailor-made activities according to the interests of young people Pizza Hut clearly knows that, in order to "envelope" young people, in addition to timely and appropriate discounts, the brand Pizza Hut must be completely embedded in their lives. Basketball can be regarded as one of the most watched sports in the United States. Many young people in the United States like to play a basketball game with their friends in their leisure time, and enjoy their youthful vitality. American Pizza Hut took advantage of this popular sport to easily integrate into the lives of young people. The Spurs Youth Basketball League (SYBL) was founded in 1991 by the Spurs coach. It is hoped that through a series of basketball games, more young people will be provided with the opportunity to get in touch with basketball, so that young people can improve their sports level in a safe and positive environment and learn to work in teams And strictly observe discipline. Pizza Hut in the United States has seen the coincidence of SYBL and its own brand vision. In 2013, it became the financial sponsor of SYBL and supported a series of activities organized by SYBL. Whether it is on the official homepage of SYBL, the posters or the promotional videos of Vime and Youtube, you can see the Pizza Hut logo, which undoubtedly greatly increased the exposure of Pizza Hut and subtly brought the brand into the lives of teenagers. Witnessing growth moments with teenagers As a restaurant that focuses on a happy atmosphere, Pizza Hut does not want to create a sense of majesty and oppression. It hopes to be able to be together with young people and give them warm concern at the right time. Therefore, in addition to sharing joy with young people, Pizza Hut also expresses its care and greetings for young people at special times. Every year, Pizza Hut looks forward to the test results with students who take the GCSE (UK Exam). Students seem to regard Pizza Hut as their own good partner. They will share their emotions with Pizza Hut on Facebook and share their test scores with it. Pizza Hut not only has a precise and powerful social media marketing strategy, but also often innovates in the in-store consumer experience, hoping to attract young people who like to explore novelties and experience new things. Pizza Hut USA has recently tested their creative ordering system. Customers can choose their favorite Pizza pairing on the touch screen of the desktop as long as they move their fingers. Pizza Hut put this idea, which is still in the testing stage, on YouTube first, attracting the attention of a large number of consumers. The current click-through rate has exceeded one million. In general, Pizza Hut firmly grasps the psychological needs of young people. Through a series of personalized and targeted marketing programs, the brand is rooted in the hearts of young people, guiding them to make purchasing choices, forming consumer habits, and ultimately Make young people become loyal customers of Pizza Hut.


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