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Francois Hollande visits Cuba!!!

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French President becomes first leader to visit Havana since the 1980s.

The old trade embargo which concerned Cuba will be erased.

 Fidel and Raul Castro, the brothers who have ruled Cuba since its 1959 revolution met François Hollande during his travel for history and business.

He said I quote: “I arrive here to Cuba with a lot of emotion, because it is the first time when a president of the French Republic comes to Cuba. It is also a symbol to be the first western head of state to participate in the opening of Cuba and to accompany Cuba in this transformation. The idea of this journey, it is because France is the first one in the name of Europe and among western countries to be able to tell to the Cubans that we are in their side if they decide themselves to cross the necessary stages towards the opening”.

We rather believe that The President led this "diplomatic blow" to allow French companies to get their bearings before the levying of the American embargo without offending Washington, the historic ally. This allowed to crown the pawn to Barack Obama by putting the feet on the island first.

France already exports cereal, agricultural fertilizers and transportation equipment in Cuba. Sixty companies were present on the island, among which Bouygues, Air France, Total and Pernod-Ricard, first French investor in Cuba under its brand Havana Club. Moreover Rum represents half of the exports towards France.

But now, Cuba needs new infrastructures, in particular in the field of transport and communications, hence the presence of the SNCF manager (French national railway company) and Orange.

Concerning human rights, François Hollande assures that the issue which the Cuban regime is regularly targeted with will be inevitably evoked.


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