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Devoir anglais sur McDonald's

Rapport de stage : Devoir anglais sur McDonald's. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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McDonald's is a fast food chain found worldwide founded by businessman Ray Kroc in 1952 after buying the rights to a small hamburger chain operated from 1937 by Richard and Maurice McDonald

How MacDonald’s succeeded?

I. The creation of MacDonald’s

In 1937, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a hotdog stand called "Airdome" in Arcadia, California. The two brothers moved their Airdome (building included) in 1940 to San Bernardino, California, and renamed it "McDonald's. The menu consists of 25 items, mostly cooked at the grill. It became a very popular meeting place for young people, and very beneficial for its owners. Eight years later, after noticing that most of their income came from hamburgers, the two brothers closed their restaurant for several months to develop a fast service system. In 1953, the McDonald brothers began franchising their restaurant. Neil Fox was the first franchisee. The second opens in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the first to present the drawing of the golden arches (formed by the letter "M"); Later the original one was rebuilt in this style. The third opens in Downey, California at the corner of Lakewood Boulevard and Florence Avenue and is to date the oldest of the brand still active.

The following year, the entrepreneur and seller of milk-shake machine Ray Kroc was fascinated when he learned their extraordinary profitability and popularity. After seeing the system in operation, Kroc met the McDonald brothers, who had already started franchising, with a proposal to let him franchise the system, with him as the first franchisee.

Kroc worked hard to sell the McDonald's system. He even tried to prevail over his knowledge of the war with Walt Disney, in the vain hope of opening one in the Disneyland amusement park, then under construction.

In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald's of the current McDonald's company in Des Plaines, on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois.

II. Its globalization

In 1967, McDonald's decided to see bigger by expanding its market abroad. The opening of the first fast food restaurant outside the United States is in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. In 1970, they continued their expansion by opening a second restaurant but this time in Costa Rica. It is the first McDonald's outside of North America. From then on, McDonald's will open several restaurants abroad.

Between 1970-74: The opening of McDonald's in Australia, El Salvador, France …

Between 1990-99: The opening of the McDonald's company in Morocco, Estonia, Romania, Malta, Colombia, Slovakia, South Africa, Qatar…

McDonald’s has been able to modify the menu according to the religions and taste of the countries where it has been installed.

In the Asian countries, one can find sandwiches of rice cakes, the rice being the staple food in the Asian culture.

In a country like Italy where the specialties are pasta, pizzas, mozzarella, McDonald's will offer pasta salads or mozzarella burgers.

III. The


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