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Devoir anglais : Samsong

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Hello everybody ! Today we’re going to present you a new music’s application named Samsong and not Samsung.

This application, Samsong, could allow all of the world to listen to quite the musics which they want at any time. It is usable by Wi-Fi is allows to receive several musics of any kind in the world.  Whether it is the rap, the Dupstep and even movies’themes.  And if you are not in Wi-Fi, no problems, the application has a download system, sending your musics directly to your telephone so that you can listen to them without internet.  Then by putting your earphones or helmets, you will feel the impression to be in another world that of the music or everything allows you to make what you want to make. That’s cool, right? And at the end, this application is usable by Smartphone and tablet.

This application is designed for everybody because it has a so brilliant potential as to use it for a small public would not be just.  Because music is something which is seen in any domain as art, the politics, the cinema, and well of other one else. And with this application, people can escape there, to be free and take advantage only of the present instant in their ears, who take them in another good world beyond our.

It will be a success because a lot of people loves music generally and the fact of having an application just taken of intended in future, where the world can feel in another world thanks to music is just brilliant as concept. It’s just awesome.

Thanks for listening and we’re hope you’re going to download and enjoy our app !


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