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Cas desigual anglais BTS GPME

Étude de cas : Cas desigual anglais BTS GPME. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Lexical work:

1/ a) average: moyenne.

b) wage: salaire.

c) monitor: surveiller.

d) fined: mis à l’amende.

2/ a) salariés: workers.

b) usines: factory.

c) chaînes de montage: assembly line.

d) annuler: cancel.

e) porte parole: spokesperson.

f) fournisseur: supplier.

Work on the title:

1/ The title of the document is “ “Prison-like” conditions for Chinese workers making IBM, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Lenovo products”.

This document is an article from UK web site

This document was published on the 17th of February 2009.

Check the facts:

1/a) The name of factory is Meitai.

b) The Chinese workers are paid 64 cents an hour.

c) They work 74 hours per week.

d) The most of the workers are mostly young women aged from 18 to their mid 20s.

e) They are not allowed listen to music, to talk, look around them… during their working hours.

2/a) They are finished if they break rules.

b) They can spend 7 seconds on each keyboard.

c) The sentence who shows that the workers suffer in this factory is “one worker said: I feel like I am serving a prison sentence. We are really livestock and should not be called workers”.

3/a) The 3 international companies who works with the Meitai factory is Dell, HP, Microsoft…

b) The react of companies is that they would investigate conditions at the factory but none said they would cancel contracts linked to the factory.

c) The HP response is “The factory named in the report is not one of HP's direct suppliers, but is a supplier to two of our suppliers. HP will audit this facility through a validated industry audit. This will be conducted promptly by a third-party audit firm on behalf of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition. Based on the results of the audit, we will work together with our supplier to develop corrective actions where appropriate."

4/ The prices of the computer is $200 and the keyboard is $22.99 in the Meitai factory.

Topic debrief:

1/b) Global computer firms manufacture some of their products in a Chinese factory which does not respect basic human rights.

Train for the exam:

1/ Make a rendu account of the document: 169 world


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