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Anglais Devoir 1: Exercices d’aide à la compréhension

Fiche : Anglais Devoir 1: Exercices d’aide à la compréhension. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Devoir 1 écrit

Exercices d’aide à la compréhension

Exercice 1 Circle the correct answer and justify with elements from the text. 1. The document is … c) … a newsletter. Justify: “International Resources’ newsletter” (top of document)

2. The company’s main headquarters is located in … c) … The U.S.A. Justify: “Cambridge Massachusetts USA”

3. The name of the company is … c) … International Ressources. Justify: “International Resources plc”

4. It has just opened a branch … c) … near Cayenne. Justify: “the headquarters has just opened a branch near the port of Cayenne”

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5. The type of company … c) … a public limited company Justify: “International Resources plc”

6. The company specializes in … c) … fair trade and sustainable development. Justify: “has extended its investments in sustainable development”, “environmentally-friendly materials”, “ensuring fair wages”

7. The products are … c) … made by craftsmen in developing countries. Justify: “local” products, “homemade organic foods, handicraft items, jewellery and small furniture”, ”branches in 25 countries, including Brazil, Morocco, Haiti”

8. The technology used for marketing and logistics is … c) … sophisticated and environmentally-friendly. Justify: ”office and distribution centre built with environmentally-friendly materials”, “vehicles run on natural gas”, “RFIDs … improve the marketing … and target new customers”, “checking shortages and tracking goods”)

9. The employees in the French Guiana operation are … a) … skilled craftsman recruited locally. Justify: “all the employees have been recruited locally.”

10. In addition to its core activities, the company invests in … a) … health projects. Justify: “HIV education and testing, malaria and Dengue fever”

Exercice 2 Right or wrong? Justify your answers with elements from the document. R W 1. The purpose of the document is to inform readers about new products and upcoming events. Justify: It describes the new branch in French Guiana and the new technology it has recently implemented. It also gives the calendar of events for 2009/10, the current job openings and way to apply. n ¨

2. The document intends to reassure shareholders that cost cutting is the company’s priority. Justify: It emphasizes fair trade and sustainable development. ¨ n

3. The company specializes in processed foodstuffs. Justify: It specializes in home-made foodstuffs and handicrafts. ¨ n

4. The feature article is about the company’s operations in French Guiana. Justify: The feature article of New Initiatives and Products is a rather lengthy description of the French Guiana operations including the jobs created, the products, the environmentally-friendly materials. n ¨

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5. The document announces that the financial situation of the company is precarious, so it has to downsize and streamline operations. Justify: After setting up a branch in Brazil, the company has expanded to French Guiana and plans to extend its operations to Surinam and Guyana. Moreover, a week after opening in Cayenne, the branch had already received over 1OOO orders via the internet. ¨ n

6. The company promotes ethnic diversity, fair trade and sustainable development mostly in developing countries. Justify: Its producers in Guiana are Hmong, Amerindian and African and it ensures fair wages and sustainable development. n ¨

7. The company’s data processing experts have created customized software and use sophisticated tracking methods for the expedition and distribution of products. Justify: RFIDs n ¨

8. A virtual New Year’s celebration linking all the 25 branches around the world is announced. Justify: New Year’s Day will be celebrated, filmed and connected by video conference in all branches of the 25 countries. n ¨

9. Employees in the marketing department are advised to get online training for the new software. Justify: In-house training is offered. ¨ n

10. Job seekers can apply for jobs by email. Justify: Contact by telephone and email n ¨

Exercice 3 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the given list. Be sure to use the correct form of the nouns or verbs whenever necessary. New initiatives and Products The company is proud to announce it has extended its operations to another country, and a new branch has opened in French Guiana. Its local farmers and craftsmen are scattered all over the country, and they produce a wide range of products including foodstuffs, crafts and jewelry. Of course they are paid fair wages. All the hand-made items and buildings are made with environmentally-friendly materials and the vehicles use renewable energy. The branch opened a week ago but more than a thousand orders have been placed, which shows that buyers want to be involved in sustainable development.

IT Innovation The new technology developed by International Resources R and D experts has enabled the company to improve the marketing of fair trade products and target new customers. Moreover, bar code labels are being replaced by RFIDs in order to speed up the processes of the Supply Chain. They can quickly check the shortage of stock and track the products.

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Exercice 4 In preparation for the “compte rendu” (report or account), fill in the table below in French giving the information requested in the left column.


Type de document :

Source :

Date :

Idée générale :

Titre des parties à développer :

Bulletin d’information interne.

International Resources.

1er décembre 2009.

Présente les activités de l’entreprise.

4 rubriques : les nouvelles initiatives et nouveaux produits, les innovations technologiques, le calendrier des événements et les offres d’emploi.

Développement Nouvelles initiatives et produits


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