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Adolescence, the most beautiful period in a person's life

Cours : Adolescence, the most beautiful period in a person's life. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Adolescence, the most beautiful period in a person's life

From my point of view, adolescence is first and foremost the most beautiful period of a man's life. During this period, we really discover and, when I say this, think about the fact that during adolescence we start to face problems, we start to integrate in society, establish friendship. Who brings this period of adolescence into another light: love. This stage is the experience where we discover new horizons and we know the magic of life and fun. In adolescence we start by loving our friends too. This unique period must be explored to the fullest and it must be borne in mind that here we begin to learn what life is and to love. Emotions, love, first kiss stress and first love, adventures with friends and family, these things are the most special moments in adolescence. People choose what they want in this period and unfortunately we realize too late that adolescence is the most special. Adolescence is the time when man matures and begins to know the secrets of every moment. Adolescence is the time when we understand otherwise things around us. It's that age when you become more visitor, more romantic, but even more realistic. Visually open eyes and you can reach wherever you want. You fall in love very quickly, but you hate just as fast ... discover unknowable feelings. We try to adapt to the wave of changes in our lives, sometimes it does not come out but we do not give up. The age when we do some things without thinking about the consequences


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