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3 days in New York

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We want to go to New York for three days. It will be our best days because New York is a wonderful place for tourism or even for people living there we think. So we’re going there in august 11 until august 13.  August is a very hot month. The weather goes around 95oF, so for sure we will take our sunglasses, swimsuits, tanning set, dresses, shorts, crop tops, hats, our cameras and all those pretty things. This time, we’re not going to sleep in a hotel; we’re going in this host family. We’ve already planned our days with them. We will arrive around 7 o’clock am at their home, then the afternoon; we’re going to Time Square with the metro. They told me that we would pass in front of Park Avenue, that’s great. And finally, we’re going to eat at Gramercy Tavern, who’s an American restaurant. For a first day, it seems very enough; we’re going to be tired. For the second day, it’s Ellis Island or nothing; we really want to go there! They already reserved our tickets and we’re taking the boat to go.  We also are going to visit Castle Clinton, a museum near to Ellis Island. For the diner, we’ll try a French restaurant, Le Bernardin before the Fashion Show to end a wonderful the day. Finally, the last day in New York would certainly be relaxed. We won’t have diner in New York so we’re just taking the car for a little shopping at Bay Plaza Center before taking back the plane.


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