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1ère S - Anglais - Écriture d'invention en Anglais - Poème d'amour en Anglais

Dissertation : 1ère S - Anglais - Écriture d'invention en Anglais - Poème d'amour en Anglais. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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He thinks of me, I see him, I feel him, I know him

And his smile does not lie when it picks me up

He likes to speak to me things which he saw doh path which he made and of all his projects

I believe nevertheless that he is alone and that he sees other girls

I do not know that they want nor the sentences which he says

I do not know where I am, somewhere in his life

If I matter today more than an other one for him

He is if near me nevertheless I do not know

How to like him only he can decide

That we speak to each other about love or about friendship

I like him and I can offer him my life

Even if he does not want my life

I dream about the arms yes but I do not know

How to like him, he seems to hesitate

Between a story of love or friendship

And I …

The divine hope that in two we succeed in training(forming)

And what in two we share,

The hope to like for a long time, to like(love) always, liking(loving)

Every day more;

The eternal, fanciful and moving desire,

That the lovers sigh,

At the adorable moment when, while looking for itself,

Their lips inhale;

This disappointing desire, this expensive misleading hope,

Never we spoke about it;

And I suffer to see that we are afraid of it,

Although he(it) is in our souls.

When I murmur you, questioned lover,

A soft answer,

It is the word: - for ever! - on the lips which I have,

Without I pronounce it;

And although an expensive echo says it in your heart,

Your silence is the same,

While on your breast, me dying of slowness,

I swear that I love you.


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