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L'humanisme et les lumières

Dissertation : L'humanisme et les lumières. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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2- Location and forms of power

        Today, I’m going to talk about the notion location and forms of power. First, I’m going to say the definition of power. Power can be a brutal, physical strength in natural disaster (for example the power of the nature) or can be the capacity to influence people (for example the media). I’m going to speak about climate change with the question: Why is so difficult to take measures to limit or stop global warming?

  1. Climate change basics

Climate change and global warming are most popular this year, the news talk always about that because it’s very important. We have seen a video named “Climate change basics” and she speak about how climate change affects us. So, in the atmosphere there are some greenhouse gases like the carbon dioxide who catch the heat of the sun and keep it to not escape in the space so that keep the warm for us to live. But the problem is that people use computer, heating homes, drive cars and that burn fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) and so people in the world adding extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cause climate change (make the Earth warmer). They are different signs of global warming like the melting of giant ice-sheets, the rising of oceans, flowers are blooming earlier, and birds didn’t fly to the south for the winter. In the future, if we do nothing, we can have more powerful storms, flooding droughts and heat-waves; but other problems for the water, the food, the spread of certain diseases and but in danger some ecosystems. But we have solution and we can change the world if we act now like use clean energy like solar, wind… and each people can also do a part of the work like drive less and use mort public transport, reduce energy and turning off light, computer, TV if we don’t need them. So, if all people work together, that can do the difference.

  1. Conflicts

But there are some conflicts between two groups, people who don’t want to do nothing and people who want to act now. The “Global sceptics” are an example of group of people that didn’t want to change and to do nothing about global warming. We have seen a video named “Global sceptics” it’s an interview which present this group with the form of questions/answer with questions ask by internet. The sceptics are a group that say there is no climate change and it’s natural and it’s not a problem. Sceptics are not numerous, and their opinion is reported in the media, and for ordinary people it’s dangerous to hear their message so often. The only people that supports the sceptics are people with financial interests, car makers and the oil industry because they don’t like the idea of the need for change. This group is often support by the lobbyists which is a group who try to influence/persuade the government or an official group to do something. There is another group that need to “act now”. In this group there are the NGO’s (Greenpeace) that organise awareness campaign, the United Nation (COP) which organise “Earth Summit”, or certain companies which use clean energy.

  1. A shifting balance of power

It exists certain things that try to change the world. The first is the COP21 that is a conference who brings together the member countries in order to limit global warming because engage other countries at limit their greenhouse gas emission. All of that it crated to limit global warming under 2 degrees. There is also the World Bank that have decide to stop finance all the finance about fossil fuels to try to stop that.  


To conclude, I’m optimist faced to the global warming because to me, it’s important to act now so if we wait, the planet is going to augment his temperature and go to the end of the country and it’s going to take more time to act. Our word need to be save quickly and the associations are here to help the world and the hearth


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