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  • Two Americans Died In An Avalanche

    Two Americans Died In An Avalanche

    The article "two american skiers Die in Austria in avalanche" of the january, 5 2015 from the New York Times deals with an accident where two mens Die in avalanche. An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow down a sloping surface. On a first part I'm going to speak about the événements of the article and and in a second part I shall speak about the purpose and what is denounced in the article.

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  • I Have A Dream- Histoire Des Arts

    I Have A Dream- Histoire Des Arts

    L’engagement Certaines personnalités engagées ont marqué le 20 ème siècle, par les causes qu’elles ont défendues mais aussi par leurs moyens d’action pacifistes et pacifiques, envers et contre toutes les provocations. Elles étaient des ‘Peace fighters’, c'est-à-dire à la fois des combattants pour la paix et des combattants pacifistes, qui se servent de la paix comme d’une arme. Gandhi (1869-1948) Avocat homme politique et guide spirituel indien dont les combats non violents pour la défense

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  • The Americanism On William Carlos Williams' Poetry

    The Americanism On William Carlos Williams' Poetry

    In this composition we will deal with some of Williams Carlos Williams´ poems focusing on Spring and All, The Red Wheelbarrow, This Is Just to Say, To Elsie, A Sort of a Song, Willow Poem and The Young Housewife. All of them are extracted from The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams This paper will focus on the Americanism of Williams’ poetry, taking into account style, language and concreteness in his poems. STYLE Like many

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  • Un tableau de Grant Wood: American Ghotic

    Un tableau de Grant Wood: American Ghotic

    American Gothic, Grant Wood Introduction : American Gothic est un tableau qui a été peint en 1930, qui mesure 78 cm x 65,3 cm, qui et peint à la peinture à l'huile et qui est conservé au musée d’institut d’art de Chicago. Il est peint par Grand Wood, un artiste américain connu pour ses peintures au middle West Rural, au Etat Unis. Il est né le 13 février 1892 dans l’Iowa et mort le 12

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  • Commentaire American Doll BTS CI

    Commentaire American Doll BTS CI

    Nowadays in the USA, the doll business gets bigger and bigger every year. In this country, the consummation society is very present. People are used to buy a lot and consume more than they should or they need. The concept we’ve studied is the American doll. It is a doll that looks like the little girl who owns it. In this commentary we are going to see how American Doll became a huge success,

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  • Places and forms of Power in the black American culture

    Places and forms of Power in the black American culture

    Places and forms of Power in the black American culture The notion that I will present is the notion of places and forms of power and the theme is the African American culture, Completely excluded from the fine ideals of the Declaration of Independence, that all man were created equal. The question that we ask ourselves is how have African American achieved recognition? After the Civil War that started in 1861 and ended in 1865,

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  • Japanese about americans

    Japanese about americans

    What do Japanese people think about Americans? We all know that Japanese culture it is very different from Americans’ culture, but what we might not know is how they perceive that difference. First of all, let is start with their notable different physical appearance. Japanese people believe that Americans tend to use loose clothes, they use the same clothes in their houses as they do in the street, they are tall people, they eyes are

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    « African American discrimination and over incarceration, an historical issue persevering within our current justice system » Introduction Since discrimination first began, African Americans were dispossessed of their basics rights through slavery. From the early 17th century, black people were used as propriety. Starting with some racial conflict from which came the idea that the white race was most valuable, blacks were logically inferior and needed to bend over the rules that were imposed to them.

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  • Neil Armstrong : an american hero

    Neil Armstrong : an american hero

    Neil Armstrong : an american hero Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, on August 5, 1930. After having served in the Korean War and then finished college, he worked for a group who studied airplanes. Later, that group took part in the NASA. He flew in several planes for them. He also helped designing planes. These planes used to fly very high and very fast. It set record. He had joined the astronaut program

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  • Dissertation about an article from an American newspaper, the "New York Times", dating from May 13, 2002.

    Dissertation about an article from an American newspaper, the "New York Times", dating from May 13, 2002.

    SALVADO Sarah 1ère L DISSERTATION We will talk about an article from an American newspaper, the " New York Times" dating from May 13, 2002 , entitled " Longer Legs , However Painful , Are Key to success in China" by Craig S.Smith . We are talking about Ilizarov procedure , an operation to stretch the size of the legs. This operation has positive and negative points that are explained in this text. We will

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  • Une série : Américan horror story

    Une série : Américan horror story

    American Horror Story est une série horrifique composée d'actuellement 5 saisons (la 6e est en préparation) qui n'ont presque pas de liens entres elles. Dans l'ordre : Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show et Hotel. Dans chaque saisons, on retrouve les acteurs phares de la série : Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Denis O'Hare etc... Saison 1 : La famille Harmon composée du père, Ben, de la mère, Vivian et de leur

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    Dream recorder Have you ever wished you could remember your dreams more vividly? Or have you ever wanted to record your dreams and watch them later like a TV program or a great movie? I don’t know about you, but this is always something we have wanted to do! And now researchers have found a way to translate our every nightmare and dream into a video that can be watched later. 1. Presentation What is

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  • American Gothic - Grant Wood.

    American Gothic - Grant Wood.

    American Gothic : American Gothic is a very famous pop culture painting by Grant Wood. This painting shows a farmer next to his daughter. The woman wears a colonial apron imitating the American traditional style of the XIXe century. Those two persons represent the traditional rôle of the men and the women, with the pitchfork, simbol of the hard manual job, and the flowers next to the woman represent the domestic life. This painting is

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  • Anglais juridique - AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS

    Anglais juridique - AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS

    COUR 1 ANGLAIS JURIDIQUE 15/09 US INSTITUTION : 5 semaines : Semaines 2, 3 → aller voir les docs sur l’ENT, faire un compte-rendu des documents Semaine 4 → test bonus sur les document de la semaine 3 (apporter la carte étudiante) Semaine 5 → test final : une question de cour à laquelle il faut répondre en anglais sous la forme d’une dissertation (max 1 page) ACCÉDER AU COUR : Enseignement → MOODLE →

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  • Anglais - myths and heroes: How soldiers are portrayed in American war films?

    Anglais - myths and heroes: How soldiers are portrayed in American war films?

    Myths and heroes This notion talks about Myths and Heroes. We’re going to try to define what a hero is. We can say that a hero is a person who is admired by the others, for his courage, qualifications and his ideas. The hero saves or protects persons against danger, threats or injustice. Heroes can be man or woman who have force, physical or mental. It exists different types of heroes, like mythological, cinema personalities

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  • American Elections.

    American Elections.

    As we all know, american presidential elections are around the corner. Even though voting day is until November 8, it has been a trending topic since the beginning of the run in January this year. We have come a long way since then. To be able to make your voice to be heard, you must register first and then you can go and decide which candidate suits better as the next american president. Then, elections

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  • Dreams are not necessary, they are essential.

    Dreams are not necessary, they are essential.

    Gabriel Zibi-Meyer 1S3 Essay 22/09/2015 Dreams are not necessary, they are essential. There are two kinds : small unconscious dreams and big fully awake life-changing ones. The small ones are, to Sigmund Freud known as the father of psychoanalysis, "the royal road to the unconscious", and they can show what the unconscious mind wants. The big ones are what drive people to achieve new things. They are motivating and inspiring. Although dreams give us a

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  • Native Americans.

    Native Americans.

    Natives Americans Chloé: “Natives Americans”, “Americans Indians”, “Natives peoples”, “first peoples”, “Aboriginal peoples”, “first nations” are the names of the inhabitants, indigenous people, who occupied the plains of North America. Native Americans fought against the invasion of whites in the nineteenth century and nowadays, they remain the stereotypes of redskins mainly conveyed by the westerns For them, spirituality is an integral part of everyday life, nature and humans (ne font qu’un). They worship the spirits

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  • Places and Forms of power: How have African-Americans achieved recognition ?

    Places and Forms of power: How have African-Americans achieved recognition ?

    Places and Forms of power I'm going to talk about the notion "places and forms of power" with the theme of blacks in the USA. I will answer the essential question :"How have African-Americans achieved recognition ?". First, I will give a Black History Overview, then, I will explain how politics and "civil disobedience" contributed to African-American recognition and, last, how Black musicians and artists helped to make the voice of their community heard and

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  • American history.

    American history.

    Pierre Quéré History Blue What were the two most important reasons that the English joined the race for colonies in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries ? In the sixteenth century, England had harsh problems, religious tensions but mainly social and economic issues. At this time, the worldwide demand for wool was growing rapidly. This demand motivated English's landowners to convert their land from fields for crops to pastures for sheep. The result was

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  • American sniper, exposé

    American sniper, exposé

    Introduction : J’ai choisi de travailler sur ce film car il exprime un aspects anti-guerre, mais aussi, il retrace parfaitement l’histoire du tireur d'élite des Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle qui est envoyé en Irak dans un seul but : protéger ses camarades. Sa précision chirurgicale sauve d'innombrables vies humaines sur le champ de bataille et, tandis que les récits de ses exploits se multiplient, il décroche le surnom de "La Légende". Cependant, sa réputation

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  • American revolution

    American revolution

    Noundou Christian 17/10/2014 Hist210 Kallamani Trevor 1st essay After reading through and examining deeply the two texts, I found that they both have elements of truth that are unquestionable, and support their arguments. However, they are also claims that I totally disagree on. Most of the people talked about the american revolution as an armed conflict that lasted eight years from 1763 to 1776. One would tell you that it was a civil war between

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  • Reasons of the American Revolutions

    Reasons of the American Revolutions

    Armand BEAUDOR 12/01/2017 US History Ms Jester How did new colonial implement by the British after 1763 change American attitudes toward the king, Parliament, the English constitution? After 1763, American attitudes toward the British government worsened drastically because of the British and American different views, as well as British laws. One of these nations’ disagreement was over which assembly should rule. British attached weight to the parliament, which governed the entire Empire and represented the

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  • American history

    American history

    Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark are 2 American explorers. They were asked by the government (the president was Thomas Jefferson) to across America from Illinois to Pacific Ocean. They have been famous only for 2 years (between 1804 – 1806). It’s was a difficult trip to join the ocean so, Lewis and Clark receive help from Sacagawea, and Indian girl who was deaf. She teaches them how to survive, hunted an eating this extreme

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  • The american food

    The american food

    The United States has the largest cultivable land in the world. The variety of climates has made it possible to diversify crops. American agriculture is highly exporting and scientific. ————————————— Agriculture is a key sector of the US economy, the country being the world's leading exporter and the second largest importer. It is the first agriculture in the world, ex aequo with the European Union. ————————————— It mainly exports corn (256,904,992 tons) and beef (11,736,300

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