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Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal - Argumentative Text

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Ever since the time human beings were on earth, some of them came to a problem without any solution, they wanted to pass away by themselves because they were unable to find a decent remedy in order to solve their issue.

First of all, I think that nowadays, we are still facing the same problem. There are people who choose methods to commit suicide that may be harmful to others.Don't you think that some suicidal human beings may cause unforeseen car accidents or contribute to damage train lines and cause delays ? Aren't sometimes dead bodies found in public places? It’s in no way acceptable. From time to time, some abandoned corpses may engender various dangerous consequences for everyone. Assisted suicide can't jeopardize the lives of others. I guess it's a good solution.When some individuals absolutely want to die off because they believe it's the only way to solve their mental suffering, you can make them go to the psy's.Sometimes, in spite of the psy's advice,some people may resort to a sort of decent suicide.They may avoid acting to the detriment of others.

Moreover, assisted suicide is important for other reasons, sometimes, you’re not sad of living or whatever but you just don’t feel you want to live. For example, it happened that grandmas that lost their husbands feared to live alone as they never did before. The fear of living alone is here, and this fear can be fully understood by the family that can prepare itself mentally in order to not be shocked by the decision. I know personally for sure some old people (my grandparents) that are absolutely dependant to each other and they swore to go in Switzerland to get this suicide if one of them dies and it could be impossible for some people. But why isn't it possible in France as it’s legal in a country that’s beside our borders ? Travel would be much easier if you could do it in France.

As a third argument, I’ll tell you, based on the testimony of an old lady who did passe away by means of the assisted suicide in Switzerland, why it can only be beneficial for the population. Time flies. When you become old enough to say that you’ve enjoyed long periods of happiness because some of your dreams had come through, you may be scared of the idea of suffering from the aches and pains of old-age. Sometimes, dying of old-age is a real threat for the elderly. Ain’t they afraid of being victims of a lack of abilities ? I feel sure that for some people assisted suicide is the best way to avoid fatal deseases, doesn’t it allow them to leave this world without having to suffer ?

After all, the assisted suicide should be legal. That’s pure logic, let people leave the world with dignity, with desire, without suffering, without pain, without having to face some things that they don’t want and I’ll say a last thing, did you ever think about the people who’ll find the body ? When children are involved in the discovery of a corpse, that’s both unacceptable and awful. It’s a pity that you can’t even choose how to die in a country which is known for its human rights. Don’t you think assisted suicide is a must ? Because I do.



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