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La guerre des Etats-Unis contre le terrorisme (texte en anglais)

Dissertation : La guerre des Etats-Unis contre le terrorisme (texte en anglais). Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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How the United States Justified Its War on Terrorism: Prime Morality and the Construction of a 'Just War'


The just war theory is established for evaluating the morality of the military actions of states, to show the justness of their actions or they risk being perceived as an imperial projects.

However, the actions of hegemonic powers use the rules of this theory: to avoid charges of immoral behaviours hegemonic powers use the just war rhetoric of territoriality to justify their extra-territorial acts.

For USA the hegemonic power's rule lies in its ability to maintain cultural universality.

The need to export economic practice, political ideology and cultural ideals push the state to use more and more the just war theory avoid terrorism and to defend human rights and also self-defense.

The US has focused upon two types of transgressions by other states to justify its military action: anticipation and human rights, which were manifest in the recent US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In conclusion, we can say that US use the legitimacy of just war to justify its imperial actions and ensure the support of other countries.


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