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Étude de cas : Application form. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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1. Personal details      


Mr./Mrs./Ms.          Surname:                        Middle Name:                              Name:


Date and Place of Birth:

Home Address:

Country:                                                                            Nationality:

Passport No.:                                        Issued by:                                 Valid until:

Private telephone/mobile telephone:

Professional telephone/mobile telephone:


Professional activity /Media and address:

If you are a freelancer, for which media do you work:

Name of the FIJET national journalist’ and travel writers’ association:

Mother tongue:                                                        Other languages:

Size of T-shirt:              S       M        L      XL        XXL

2. Accommodation

Single room                                  Double room _______________________________________________________________________________

3. Travel Arrangements

Arrival by                 plane                      car                    train              

Date and time:                        Flight number:                           From:

(If  known. If not known yet, send the arrival details via e-mail or fax as soon as you get it)

Departure by                       plane                           car                                train

Date and time:                        Flight number:                            To:

(If known already.  If not known yet, send the arrival details via e-mail as soon as you get it)

4. Entry VISA to

I do NOT need entry visa:                I DO need entry visa:                I need an invitation letter:

One half of the participation fee (175 EUR) is covered by FIJET World and half of it (175 EUR) by national FIJET associations. Travel costs will be covered by participants or their employer.

By signing this application form I confirm my obligation to publish at least one article or broadcast report dealing with the theme of the Congress.

Date and place:                                                                                   Signature:


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