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Void Manifesto

Discours : Void Manifesto. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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The Devoid Void of nihilistic existentialism (ft. Omniversal Void)


Studying Uniquely In Canadian Ideologic Domain for Eternity

Life is seen as a pyramid. The top will remain at the top, while at the bottom, they will try to advance but they can and they cannot. Some people have high expectations for people who are close at birth, while others only exist and simply live, but they know nothing about how to use it. People with rich history are given the idea of continuing that kind of upcoming generation of tradition. The rest will fight, not because of their upbringing, nor because of their personal ability, but because they deserve it. Justice does not exist, make it or leg it.


Be Every Teen Ruling All that You have Accepted to be Living

They suck. They want to rule. They are humans. This is human condition, an opposition between instinct and reason. The result is complicated and savagely beautiful.


Dominance of Every Aspect of Total Harm

Punishment can be described as a way to forgive one’s wrongdoings. It is often mercifully painful unless done without motive, it is then torture. Many Capitalise on this solution to educate future generations to perfect their craft, albeit with injuries, it is a waste of energy, the greatest punishment is life. Remember: nothing is inherently right or wrong because it’s never over.


Healthy Evening in a Living Place

Darkness is when the beastie comes out, the instincts, the veil descends on you and obscure your vision. Do not fear the dark, it is simply the natural state of things, nothingness. Sometimes closing your eyes reveals. The expansion has no beginning so it cannot end.

You have to fear the nothing, in other words: you have nothing to fear


I Must prioritize God After Yiffing

According to spirituality and quantum physics, us and our thoughts are vibrational set points. This basically means that we’re basically giant vibrators with legs within an omniscient «gods». Ponder that for a while.


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