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Too Much Cameras CCTV

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More than a million CCTV cameras have been installed in public places around britain. In some towns and cities people may be captured on tape 300 times a day which is a shocking amount!

Although cameras might be useful for security reasons such as crime detection, intimidation facotor, anti-vandalisme etc... But, I think this is an absurde amount of CCTV being used and don't get me started on the amount of money spent on it!!Gosh... Think about the possibility if people are capable to hack into the system and he or she will be able to control the whole city, and the police wouldn't be able to react because they are too dependant of this technology.

If you don't undertand the feeling of being watched constantly. Imagine, waking up in the morning for work, you get taped once you step out of your front door, cameras all over the town such as, in coffee shops, hospitals, convinience shops, trains, taxis, restaurants, car park etc... There isn't any more privacy, everywhere it's under constant surveillance, it's like we are under control of the gouverment and they can decide what's 'best' for us, as they know all of our actions.

Just take a look at this picture and you will understand that nobody escapes from the CCTV cameras.

Therefore, I would like to have your attention and share this page to your friends and famaily to let them know about this current situation.This blog isn't written to destroy or remove all the CCTV cameras but rather to limit it's quantity.


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