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Dear diary

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Dear diary, today my mother refused to let me play football, she doesn't understand anything, she doesn't understand me. She refuses to let me play football even if I am strong because she thinks I will play with boys when only the coach is a boy and we are girls on the field.

I'm angry and I want to break everything around me and scream but my mother would say that's not right for a girl. In fact I'm sad that my mother is angry with me when she doesn't understand she thinks she's doing the right thing but because of that now we're both angry and sad.

We are very different because we didn't grow up in the same country and that's probably why we can't understand each other, it's difficult to mix my two cultures because I'm a girl who gets angry easily and doesn't like listening to others because I'm stubborn as a girl in life, I don't often tolerate criticism but my mother taught me to be a strong girl even if today I am angry with her I hope she will understand and let me play my passion because football allows me to escape and feel good.

I also think that my mother is angry with me because she sees that I am changing over time as I adopt a new rhythm of life in England that she didn't have in India at my age the beliefs are different here and my mother must have trouble understanding it probably. But I still love my mother, even if she makes my life hard it's my mother and she will always be because I love her and in difficult times it's my mother who is there to protect and comfort me.


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