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Un email à un ami.

Cours : Un email à un ami.. Recherche parmi 245 000+ dissertations

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 To send through the email= poslati

 To sit apart= separately, sjest odvojeno

 To giggle= laugh, cerekati se

 To listen for hours on end= for many hours, slusali smo satima

 Sticky-out ears= klempave usi

 To be mad= wild, crazy,

 To meet every now and again=from time to time, occasionally, sresti se povremeno

 Drop a line= write, napisati par rijeci

 Easy-going=

 Clumsy= nespretan

 Mean= zao

 Absent-minded= odsutan

 Argumentative= svadljiv

 Sensitive= osjetljiv

 Sensible= razuman

 Stubborn= tvrdoglav


 Scared stiff= badly frightened, uplasen

 Dead easy= very easy, jako lagano

 Tiny little mistake= vrlo mala pogreska

 Boiling hot= kipuce

 Freezing cold= hladno

 Brand new= posve novo

 Fast asleep= sleeping deeply, duboko spavati

 Wide awake=completely awake, potpuno budan

 To be bored stiff= to be bored to death, dosadivati se

 Great big house= velika kuca


 A sitcom =a humorous drama based on situations, humoristicna serija

 To define a generation= determinate, definirati generaciju

 To introduce= to bring sth new, uvesti

 The longest-running series=

 To hit the small screen= strike, television,

 To share trials= difficulties, podjeliti poteskoce

 Trendy apartment= fashionable, moderan stan

 To been seen by an estimated world audience=biti viden po procjenjenoj svejtskoj publici

 Professor of communication arts=

 To reflect a microcosm= show, example, model, zrcaliti mikrokozmos

 To encounter=met, susresti

 To relate to= connect with, associate with, povezati se

 Easy chair= armchair, naslonjaca

 Social circle of beautiful, supportive friends= drustveni krug lijepih, podrzavajucih prijatelja

 Endless cappuccinos=infinitive,


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