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Death penalty

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In my opinion, the death penalty is the most cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment that exists.


First, the death penalty violates a fundamental human right: the right to life.

The Universal Declaration of Human rights recognizes everyone’s right to life. This right is inalienable. Therefore, killing is never justified, even when the order to kill is given by a state as a form of punishment.


Furthermore, the death penalty is ineffective in preventing crime.

Statistical studies show that there is no evidence that the death penalty contributes to lower crime rates.                                                                              

The most obvious example is the United States, where several states apply the death penalty. However, North American society is a much more violent society than European societies where the death penalty is prohibited.


In fact more than a dissuasive punishment, the death penalty is a social revenge against someone who has committed a profoundly antisocial act.

But if, for example, a state punishes a murderer by murdering him, where is the moral superiority of that state and that society?


The death penalty is often used against the most vulnerable in society, such as the poor, ethnic or religious minorities, or people with mental disabilities.

(Judges or juries are more prejudiced against these people, who often do not have enough money to pay for good lawyers.)


There have been people sentenced to death whose innocence has been proven later. There is always the possibility of executing an innocent person and this reason should be sufficient to prohibit the death penalty everywhere.


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