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Lettre de Motivation en Anglais stage BTS CI

Rapport de stage : Lettre de Motivation en Anglais stage BTS CI. Recherche parmi 282 000+ dissertations

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Frank Sauzee

6 rue de la charente

75001, Paris

+ 33 06-96-47-21-42

11/17/2019, Paris                                                                        

                                                                                       CSL Behring

                                 189-209 Camp Road Broadmeadows Victoria 3047


Subject : application for an internship

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a junior international trade student, I need to complete a two-month internship abroad from May 4th to July 4th, in 2020. I am particularly interested in client prospecting, the main subject of my school year.

Looking for an import export company to develop my skills in client prospecting, it appears to me that yours is particularly attractive.

As a matter of fact, it is a perfect example of successful business conducting and I would be really honored if I could partake in it and join your team.

I am a hard-working, serious and energetic student, I have learnt all the basics of the trade and I am well trained in managing softwares like Excell ou Word. I want to make myself useful to you, putting into practice all the knowledge I have got.

Please find enclosed my resume herewith and I would be delighted to have an interview with you. You can contact me at your earliest convenience and I look forward to hearing from you !

Yours faithfully,

Dorian Serieys


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