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Katy Perry

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Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, called Katy Perry, is a very famous American singer. She is 27 (twenty-seven) years old. She was born on October 25th, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. She can only speak English.

Her parents, Keith and Mary Hudson are a couple of pastors. She also has an older sister, Angela and a younger brother, David. She lived with them in Santa Barbara when she was young. She went to Christian schools and didn’t go to college because she wanted to focus on her musical career.

Katy Perry started singing at the age of 9, in her parents’ church. She appeared gifted in singing and took lessons at the Music Academy of the West. When she was 15, she learned how to play the guitar. At the same time, she recorded her first gospel album, which didn’t encountered any success. Then, she started making pop music and changed her stage name from Katy Hudson to Katy Perry (Perry is her mother’s maiden name). The reason she did that was because Katy Hudson sounded too much like Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson was already a famous actress). Katy Perry really became famous in 2008 with the single “I Kissed a Girl”. That was the beginning of a successful career.

She married Russell Brand in 2010 but their marriage didn’t last. They divorced only 14 months later. She now currently lives in Santa Maria, California, but she travels a lot all around the world because of her international tours.

Katy Perry is quite tall. She has beautiful grey eyes. She also has middle-long black straight hair. She is thin and white-skinned.

She is a really fun, relaxed and outgoing woman. She’s also quite over-excited and very popular. According to me, she is optimistic because I always see her smiling or laughing. She is a very surprising person. She is also capricious, as many famous persons. Otherwise, she is really well-behaved and polite.

It’s not hard to guess that Katy Perry has a passion for music, she even made a career of it. She is also crazy about dancing and loves extravagant clothes. I know she hates cucumbers, peanut butter and heavy metal music.


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