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Anglais: Pourquoi JD est-elle une entreprise compétitive?

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Why is JD a competitive company ?

First of all, without a good product , a company can never deliver happiness to the customers and so being a competitive company. Many of the products that JD sells are from the global “power brands”,such as Nike and Adidas. These brands appeal to large groups of consumers and are easily recognised by JD customers.

An another good point, is that JD group has exclusive products. For example Adidas produce special products like “ the adidas Forest Hills” and “ adidas Training PT footwear “ that cannot be found in any other retailer.

JD works also with suppliers across the world. The company cares about the activities if they are in line with the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code (for example:such as health and safety,working hours,wages,manternity pay..) and the recycling. Last year 423.3 tonnes of cardboard,used in packaging, was returned to the Group’s distibution centre for recycling.

Concerning the price, JD buy in large volumes, so the company’s unit costs are lower. For example, discounts achieved by bulk purchases of trainers means the cost for each pairis lower than that paid by smaller retailers. This ensures JD remains competitive.

For the place: It involves making products available to the customer in the most convenient way. JD operates in the high street, out of town locations, in shopping centres and JD has also invested in e-commerce. The increasing use of online shopping, consumers now expect very high standards of servie and functionaliy. Thats why JD constantly aim to improve the functionality of the site.

To finish with the promotion,young males are the princiapal JD’s target, the company advertises on television backdrops, in club shops and around the ground so its helps to target the young. JD partnered with adidas to provide VIP tickets for an exclusive N-Dubz event at the O2 arena for JD. JD use sponsorship and product endorsment by celebreties and music artists to highlight new ranges and products. To use consumer recommendations as part of its promotional activies JD use Twitter and Facebook. It helps because

To conclude, the company focuses on stocking the products its consumers want, as well as offering distinctive or exclusive ranges that can only be bought at JD.

By constantly adapting and changing its marketing mix through a focus on consumers, it helps JD company to be a competitive company and to be successful. JD continues to grow within a difficult economic and competitive market because of the proper use of the 4pieces of marketing mix.


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