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Anglais Cned: étude d'un document extrait du magazine “ Ceterer and Hotel keeper ”

Documents Gratuits : Anglais Cned: étude d'un document extrait du magazine “ Ceterer and Hotel keeper ”. Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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Anglais devoir n°1.

Question 1 :

The following document is an extract from the UK weekly magazine named “Ceterer and Hotel keeper” published in the 2nd May 1991.

It deals with the job of Waiter & through the whole text; the author gives us a preview of what being a Waiter means.

It also explains the way waiters are seen, chosen and even educate in different country and shows that Waiter are not seen the same way everywhere.

It ends up with an interview of Roger Capisano, a famous UK Waiter. Roger is giving some advices to all the future Waiter and explains the differences his noticed through his working experiences.

Question 2 :

To be a good Waiter you will need to be, as written in the text, social (“good sense of humour” ; “Love of the people”) ; hard-working (“willing to work often long” ; “unsocial hour”) & educated (“be able to develop” ; “disciplined” ; “diplomat”).

According to Mr. Capisano, you will need to be theatric because he considers the restaurant as a stage.

Finally you will also need to be aware of the fact that your financial reward may not be as high as expected.

Question 3 :

In Britain, Waiters are usually seen as “slaves”. It’s say that “services equals to servility” so which means that this job may not be well reward and that Waiter is a job for those who can’t refuse the working conditions and really needs money. Then, British ask for European Immigrant to do the job because it appears to be a rejected job.

Question 4 :

The restaurant is a stage because if we just stop and stare to take a look at the Waiter’s job, they can be compare to actors or even more, to dancers.

The fact is that Waiters and Waitresses are always wearing a smiling mask at any circumstances. They respond at any kind of demand & in the everyday life none of the Waiters act the same way as in the restaurant and that’s why they can be consider as actors.

They can also be seen as dancers because when all the team of the Waiters begin to serve, they won’t stop moving, acting through the whole restaurant like dancers, moving between tables, working together like if they were moved by a strange and dull rhythm.

Question 5 :

I think that tipping is a good thing because it means a lot, much more than just some extra money.

According to me, tipping means that we’ve been doing a good job to the customer’s point of view, that our work has been enjoyed by customers. We have done well. It could also mean that costumers are nice and gentle.

At least, of course, It can help in the end of the month if the money earned is not enough to make a living.


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