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L'art De La Nature

Dissertation : L'art De La Nature. Recherche parmi 234 000+ dissertations

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The FBI chose this school because he has met many students have supect consomé drug which lie at around this one. This is why the investigation that led to this one. On the first day of intervention the FBI has installed numerous cameras in the parking lot of this one about who consomait and selling all these drugs.The FBI was headed quickly tale that many student consumed drugs in front of the school but the numbers of students who consumed them seemed too small to harbor a number of students of the institution and no exchange of drugs were performed. The FBI asked many this question and then moved to another camera outside the school. The results of his cameras etaint rather disappointing for the fbi. They then asked themselves many questions to know or provener this drug as well as students suspect. The deseption After several weeks of investigation the FBI decided to apply another method.The FBI then decided to install cameras inside the ethablissement that is to say in the court hallways and lobby to see if it's traffic and exchange has occurred inside the ethablissement. But still no pupil suspected of exchange but always for students suspected of having consomée. a woman's tale went fbi which a student was suspected of having consomé but only on Tuesday and Friday and another on Monday and Thursday. as a measure of months and they contaté that students were suspected of having consomé only Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday. The FBI thought while diler was a staff member who worked only high school these days so probably a TEACHER. The director of the fbi then decided to make an appointment with the principal to know what the TEACHER who do not work on wednesday. The headmaster informed when any of philo TEACHER did not classes on Wednesday. The FBI then searched all the rooms which were used by philosophy professors of philosophy and the philosophy of the lab. But when summoned to the headmaster fbi people who are not working on Wednesday he forgot to mention that his wife she was professor of physic. (En fouillant )the labs of a fbi person entered by mistake in a lab or physic there was a woman that the headmaster being consum (cocaine) and had a chest kg of grass. This woman was not teatcher of physic and philosophy of the wife did not mention this one when it has been stopped and interogatoire emprisoner for 3 years as an accomplice and his wife for 5 years for selling and using drugs interditeen this day in French. Since they no longer arestation pupil was therefore suspected of drug comsumption


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