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I will present G-Eazy, is a american rapper.

His real name is Gerald Earl Gillum. He was born on may 24th 1989, in Oakland, in California.

He has 1 brother, his name is James.

His parent are professor in California state university Fresno.

His father is a Art’s professor. His name is Edward

His mother is a Art’s professor and an artist. His name is Suzanne

Gerald’s parent separated before he start the elementary school

His mother met another woman

But later the stepmother of gerald die because she depressed and she was drugged.

He was very touched by the drama and he dedicated a music “everything will be ok” in 2015

He started music at 17 years old in 2007.

He written music with his brother James.

He released a lot of album and mixtape :

- The epidemic LP (2009) - Must be nice (2012)

- The Outsider (2011) - The endless summer (2011)

- Big (2010)

On June 23, 2014, G-Eazy released his major-label debut album, These Things Happen. The album topped the US Billboard's Hip-Hop/R&B and Top Rap Albums charts. It is thanks to this album that he began to be known.

On October 21, 2014, Gerald embarked on his sold-out "From the Bay to the Universe" tour.[The tour traveled across the globe.

On december 4th 2015. Gerald released “When its dark out”. It’s a biggest success for Gerald.

On January 2016, G-Eazy launched his second world tour. The tour will see G-Eazy cross the United States, Europe, and Australia.

In my mind Gerald is a good person and courageous.Because he has not a good life and complicated to grow up with this circumstance. He strong.

To be famous has advantages look like not having money problem, being recognized with his fans.


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