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Street art

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Def :Street art is a strictly visual art developed in public spaces (or in other words, "on the streets"). The term usually refers to unauthorized art, non-compliant with government sponsored initiatives.

-Banksy is a graffiti artist known for his urban stencils. He conceals his true identity. Banksy was born in 1974 near Bristol in the United Kingdom and would be Robert Banks or Robin Gunningham.

-iHeart aka I is a Canadian street artist who uses graffiti as a vehicle to voice his opinion on social issues. His art is focused on stenciling city walls with his heart-shaped symbol in many works. iHeart describes himself as a “just a boy with ideas, opinions and a whole lot of aerosol”. He created a series of graffiti stencils through which he tries to highlight the negative influence of social media on the growing youth, alienating people instead of bringing them closer. The artist is just as elusive as famous British artist Banksy, who has transformed his artwork from acts of vandalism to sought-after high art pieces.

-Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, is creating gigantic works on the big walls of big cities around the world. Giant and multicolored frescoes very identifiable that revive the history of the place.

Argument for

We live in a country where the free expression of ideas and feelings is a fundamental right as long as it does not harm anyone.
The most beautiful graffiti are along the railway line between Boulevard X and Avenue Y. The street art is a expression of yourself and what you feel…

Argument against

One owner spent four days cleaning the aluminum facade of his building, but the offenders began tagging again the following week.
From the moment the graffiti is done on the property of others or the state, it is vandalism.

It is obvious that urban art seeks to integrate into society. However, many barriers block the smooth running of this art. It is considered that what is in museums and galleries defines what art is, as what is exposed to it is the most beautiful expression, these establishments are therefore existential but selective. This reasoning excludes the possibility of an art outside four walls. Moreover, the fact that urban registrations are repressed by the judicial authorities does not facilitate its distribution

But same the artist I think with hope and patience everybody find the street art like a real art


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