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Arthur SERENO 3°4

Murder to best!

It is Bryan's story, the young boy who watched TV, until moment or he’s sees in the television news which the former president Barack Obama it is made kill.

Bryan switched on the TV

He hears and sees: “Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am live on TV, to day have one bad news for your . The new government at the white house which we will elect the new president because is was killed... He died towards 3pm in the morning. The police and the detectives are going to solve the problem. Miss Bailey and Doctor Grey are going to make every effort to try make it live...”.

Bryan switched off on the TV

«I feel sad and irritate by this murder. Why Obama?!! Shit!!! But I feel stronger than the murderer, I am going to killed him!»

He prepares his school bag  with his underpants, others clothes and Iphone him. He decides then to leave by chance. He writes a letter for his parents for  them that he leaves. He  takes his bike and leaves to the North Side to find information on the murder of the murderer. He arrives in a place dark with a door. Bryan open the door and enters. He discovered a castle of the name “Castlebury”, him is haunted or the president it is made kill. Bryan see on the door: " No admittance enter or the black hood will kill you.. " But he puts self has laughter and says: " we are not in the series Riverdale !! "

Said Bryan: " I didn’t come here for a casting Netflix!  But to find the murder of Obama. "

He moves forward and saw on the floor an iPhone. He takes him and saw:

[pic 1]


[pic 2][pic 3]

He is shocked.

He takes his bike and goes out fast from the castle and goes to the just police station. He( gives the Iphone and speak the scene to the policemen. The policemen believes he and  him      " Thank you for your help Bryan ". 

Bryan leave and he decide to visit of Obama at the hospital of Seattle.

On the road of the hospital he saw a papers on the floor, he takes him and saw message:

 [pic 4]

He do not know any more what to think and to make when he sees the paper.

A few hours later he arrives at the hospital of Seattle.

-“Hello Miss, in what room(chamber) is Barack Obama ? (Bryan)

- Mister Obama is in the bedroom15 bis, stages 3. (Docteur Karev)

-Thank’s” (Bryan).

Bryan arrive in a stage 3 in the bedroom 15 bis, but it’s not Obama ! It’s Mariah Carey !

-”Shit! We are in which world? Of Grey Anatomy ? Riverdale ? Of clip an Mariah Carey ?

-I want to see Barack Obama I !!!! (Bryan is nervous)


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