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Advertisement on Nat West

Fiche de lecture : Advertisement on Nat West. Recherche parmi 283 000+ dissertations

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This document is an advertisement, but not just any advertisement.

An advertisement on Nat West, a real agency where we can move both a bank online This bank offers mortgage promotions, The mortgage is a guarantee that a lender takes on a property for which he has granted a credit, and it allows the creditor to have the property seized so that a court sale can be made to be paid out of the price in case the owner does not pay the amounts he has to repay. We can see that in the document, it is an incentive to have a first home, move, or even move a mortgage which is very common in the life of, every day as a person at least once in his life will resort to this service. And as in every bank there are advisors. An advisor will be assigned and appointed throughout the purchase. We can see that they are professional and that they will be there if necessary. Moreover, all the advisors are trained at the cutting edge to grant all their knowledge and assistance if need be and this is confirmed because in this advertising and in these small dialogues, this bank was voted best bank for mortgages 16 times in 20 years, which is quite considerable and therefore makes a good image for this bank, and which must also significantly increase the support of new customers

This bank is a very follow-up-precise because it keeps the customer informed for each step of the process by sending an SMS and a local call For all registration, the number of this agency is 0800 096 0515 or 08009170789 on a mini-com and the website is


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