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Aria Watson- 2 weeks too young to vote in the 2016 US presidential elections, decides to use art as a way of expressing her vote.

Her project took place at the Clatsop Community College in Oregon, where she studies photography.

The spirited teenager went out of her way to make a bold and powerful statement regarding Donald Trump’s sexist comments on women.

Her assignment entitled #SignedbyTrump highlights the heavy impact of Trump’s harsh words on girls of all ages. Watson illustrated Donald Trump’s quotes on the bodies of friends and family that she recruited.

Aria Watson first published her work on Facebook and Instagram where they were later removed due to nudity. She was relentless in the way she worked and did not give up her fight; she kept pushing and trying various social platforms such as Tumblr where her photographs quickly went viral, scoring an impressive 50 000 views in a single day. The daring photographer did not hesitate in making her work as explicit as possible to attract people’s attention and get a reaction out of them, an insider of Mashable says. A fight that was peaceful yet knowledgeable in every way.

The following facts are based off the online magazine Cosmopolitan, a famous magazine for women.

  1. Aria uses the color red to amplify the power of the most important words. This quote is from the May 1991 magazine “Esquire. Trump directly objectifies and sexualizes the aspect of a woman.
  2. This quote is from the TV Show “Celebrity Apprentice” and the reason as to why this is important is because TVs and magazines are both a very famous form of media, that anyone including women can have access to. Women are directly targeted in these ways making them the first victims of Trump’s harsh words.
  3. 1992, New York Magazine: vulgar, violent words to push people to question Donald Trump’s behavior even more.
  4. Something that Trump said about American Journalist Megan Kelly from Fox News: judges women’s nature and makes them look sinful by not mentioning certain words. This is something that not everyone has heard of because Trump is often protected so putting it out in the open on a woman’s body, is an admirable thing on Aria’s part.
  5. 2005 video footage: derogatory comment about women. She’s revealing to the world who Donald Trump really is, picture by picture.

In the end, what Aria Watson managed to do, is that she used  Donald Trump’s ideas of flaws to empower women.


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