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Pensez-vous que des émotions fortes sont nécessaires pour profiter de la vie? (document en anglais)

Dissertation : Pensez-vous que des émotions fortes sont nécessaires pour profiter de la vie? (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 255 000+ dissertations

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Do you think strong emotions are necessary to enjoy life?

“Strong emotions bring us in a moment what we would have taken years to discover.” Said Rene Chicoine in this book “Un homme, rue Beaubien”.

It is true that feel strong emotions can be bring us much. A strong negative emotion can help us realize our usual happiness. Indeed, it is only when we arrived something negative thing that we can realize our life as well. Conversely, strong positive emotion can give courage and faith in the future: we can again start moving forward. But, too research the strong emotions is dangerous. In this case, strong emotions became a danger or a social brake. The research of thrills, like the fear, the taste of danger can endanger us but also other people.

And strong emotions don’t the only way to enjoy life. Indeed, we must also know enjoy the little pleasures. Some people after feeling a very good strong emotion completely forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. They always ask for more. Strong emotions are rare; this is also why they are valuable. We should know enjoy every happiness we feel, whether small or large.

But it really depends on people and their character. Indeed, some people need a lot of stimulation to enjoy life. They need to feel strong emotions in order to be happy and induce them. For example, drive very fast in a car and consequently deliberately endanger them. Others, however, prefer to have their routine and habits. They seek safety and hate everything that comes out of the ordinary.

Moreover, in today's world, feel strong emotions, or at least show them is frowned upon. In your society, for example, cry is a sign of weakness. But it's not feeling strong emotions that are not well, it is not know how to manage them.


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