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PROFESSOR: Brahim Barhoun Imrani



The following are a few guidelines that are meant to help you write a good report on your

English language immersion training. It contains several tips on what to include in each chapter.

As mentioned below, your experience as a language trainee is highly individual, although you

will be asked to work along with other students. It is therefore imperative that you write an

independent report, one that reflects your personal experience, not that of those who came before

you! Enjoy.



I would like to thank everyone who helped me achieve my objectives during this immersion period

. . . (students can come up with their own formulations in this regard)


(The introduction should include the objectives of the training period, justify your choice of the

host institution, and announce the different chapters.)

(Explain why English is important) English is the dominant language all over the world and the

language of business. Also, for management students, English is important in negotiations,

presentations, and all sorts of business interactions. (Elaborate)

HEM requested that its 2nd year students take an English language immersion training--the same

in all HEM centers (Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh. . .)

The program spanned from … January to … February. It was conducted by 3 partners: BC in

Morocco, DCU in Ireland and ELA in Malta.

I chose to join BC … (Justify)

The objective was to achieve some key goals. I wanted not only to improve my English in general,

but also to develop my skills in report writing and in business English. What is more, having a

good level in English will certainly help me better my professional skills. Furthermore, a

management student will need a good knowledge of English to do class related tasks, to sound

more convincing when communicating with peers, and to be at ease when dealing with English-

speaking people. In addition, having a good command of English will enable me to enjoy more job

opportunities with multinational companies. (Elaborate)


CHAPTER ONE (on a fresh page)[pic 2]


Presentation of the host institution

The BC, TVU, ELA is a school of ... (Elaborate)

Date of opening, objectives, administration, partners, objectives in Morocco for the BC /English

versus French …

(Be careful: this section is required from all the students who were with you. Develop this section

and make of it something personal and individual. In other words, avoid copy and paste)

Organization chart (administrative structure): who runs TVU, BC, ELA? What are the different

departments? How does the school operate in general?


Organization and progress of the courses

1. Course overview

 The program consisted of general English courses, every morning 5 days a week , including

grammar and language structures (may be you had something else, this is just an example),

followed by hours dedicated to improving professional business skills such as team work, report

writing, spoken English, listening, debating and cultural content.

2. Schedule (your class schedule(s); include a copy, a brochure . . .)

The course organization was decided on by both BC and HEM in order to respond to the needs of

the students and achieve the goals of the language immersion … (Elaborate)

3. Placement test

 A placement test took place at BC /ELA /DCU before we started our training period as such.

Students were placed in homogeneous classes based on their levels and abilities to communicate in

English. Three levels were identified for Tangier: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.

(This is just an example)

(What level were you put in? Were you happy with it? Why/Why not?)

4. The teachers

Each class had a teacher and a coordinator. Native teachers were chosen to make of this

experience something different. Native teachers could help students to improve their

pronunciation. They could also inform students about the culture they were raised in.

All teachers had previous experience in ELT and especially with students of different nationalities.

(Use your own words to develop these ideas)

5. The adopted teaching methodology


The teachers were very professional and helpful. They encouraged discussions and student[pic 3]

participation. They gave homework and used interactive material. The atmosphere was friendly

and the content varied, which kept students motivated and avoided boredom. (Elaborate)

6. Course content:

(This part is very important and should be detailed)

Text- books were assigned to students according to their level. (What textbooks?)

These books made up the basics of our lessons; yet, other materials were used. (What, for


7. Learning objectives

HEM and DCU (just an example) had as a major objective to improve students’ level in English

and help them to acquire some other skills that … (Elaborate) Among these objectives, one can

cite the following:

-Learn how to structure our oral and written English;

-Improve our ability to plan and organize speaking and writing tasks;

-Learn how to focus on our objectives and outcomes;

-Practice English in a variety of situations;

-Practice active listening and improve our pronunciation;

-Boost our speaking confidence to be able to confront a large audience.

The skills we were supposed to acquire included … (Elaborate)


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